Archival Paper For Your Permanent Records

One curious thing that happened after cell phones and the internet became ubiquitous is that too many people complained of forgetfulness. Even though we realize we are excessively dependent on the technological advancements around us, we still cannot rely on them completely. We definitely can't remember everything worth remembering, and trust technology to save us indefinitely. That is why we actually need permanent records of our important documents at our disposal and perhaps a digital copy stored somewhere safe. Your paper documents must remain readable through the years, even when they become ancient. This is where archival paper shines bright.

You can depend on archival paper with all your important documents

Archival paper is known for its usage in important paper and documents due to its permanence and durability. It is extremely suitable to be used for documenting anything that has significant value for posterity. 

It is acid-free

Usually, the regular paper has a pH value of less than 7, which means it is acidic. The presence of acid means the paper will deteriorate over some time, showing discoloration and breakage following environmental reasons such as humidity, heat, and pests. 

Because of an absence of acids or a neutral pH, archival paper can last for up to 1000 years without showing any signs of handling or environmental damage. Regular paper will turn acidic, fragile, and yellow, the archival paper helps you make anything significant to you today and become preserved vintage for the future. 

It's made of cotton 

The regular paper when treated with a buffering agent such as calcium bicarbonate can neutralize the acids which prevent the further formation of acids in the paper. And when we use cotton fibers in place of wood pulp for making acid-free paper, it becomes archival acid-free paper that can last many years. The acid-free paper made of wood pulp is suitable for conservation of general nature and acid-free paper made from cotton fibers pulp is suitable to be used in the museum for archives. Since it is made using 100% cotton fibers, archival paper can withstand wear and tear that happens due to repeated handling. 

It is environmentally sustainable

The archival paper has an exceptional life expectancy of over a thousand years. Even average quality easily lasts up to 500 years. In the absence of acids or any other corroding chemicals in the manufacturing process of archival paper, there is nothing that can reduce the efficacy of the machinery over the years, reducing the maintenance and downtime. For the same reason, the by-products including water from this process can be recycled. This kind of paper is also easier to recycle, And the refining and drying process actually ends up saving energy. 

Archival paper is a fantastic multipurpose medium 

For your photos

If you have a photograph that you wish to print and display in your office or your home, you would wish to use paper of a quality that lasts a long time. You can print photos on archival paper and extend the life of the memory in the photo to last longer than your lifetime. 

For your art

Especially for artists, the choice of paper is as critical as the art itself. Archival paper is an excellent choice that allows their art to be ethereal and immortal at the same time!

For your documents, records and certificates

The same applies to your documents that are a lot more than a record of your history through various government proceedings. You cannot have them looking yellow, brittle, and discolored after a few years. This is why using archival paper is of critical importance when it comes to making anything on paper permanent. 

Start conserving now!!

Using archival paper along with suitable preservation techniques, such as avoiding an acid-based product, allows the archival paper to be used even in museums to be put on display for years. Thunderbolt papers bring you an archival paper that can help you turn anything mundane or significant turn permanent. Perhaps it's time you also try to turn some of your old photos into ageless art, sitting cozily in the living room. What is something you want to try and use archival paper for?