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There is just so much folding, cutting, pasting, writing, and printing one could do with different kinds of paper and that exactly is one of the things that fascinated as well as inspired us to be Thunderbolt paper.

We have been here working with the people and their exact needs that drive them to explore stationery stores. What started a small shop, at first, for selling a limited kind of paper, we were able to understand just how well appreciated is a good quality product, and that became our sole motivation.With a slowly but steadily growing enterprise, we were able to become what we are today, marking a niche with our service as Thunderbolt paper.


Our business is everything from paper to you

Running a business is way more than just selling a product. We focus on building our relationships with our customers.

Fast and Reliable

Smooth, hassle free process from order to transportation.

Top-notch Quality Papers

No compromise over the quality of the paper ever.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Using non-toxic processes for eco-friendly papers.


Persistence Leads To Perseverance

One of the most important things that helps any small business to grow is patience and we have been working hard to get closer to our goals everyday. This, keeping faith in the process and patiently delivering top-notch paper has bestowed Thunderbolt Papers with the reputable position where we are right now. .


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Meet the people behind the paper

Running a business is way more than just selling a product. We focus on building our relationships with our customers.

Arlette Childs


Handles representation, manufacturing and communication for business and development.

John Broiley

COO - Vice President

Oversees the everyday operations and execution of orders.

Emalia Squartz

Head of Quality Assurance

Ensuring the stringent quality parameters are met with every single sheet of paper.


Let them speak for us

4.9 out of 5.0 11,926 reviews

Excellent Quality

I was not expecting to receive such high-quality paper for my project. Highly recommended.

- Kelly Nufer

Such an excellent customer service.

I am always looking out for businesses that take their customers and customer service seriously. That ensures a repeat customer.

- Martin Evans

Beautiful antique looking paper.

I was so happy to have found exactly the kind of old parchment-like paper. Thank you!

- Kelly Nufer

Good quality.

The product arrived in great condition. The chipboard is very thick, perfect for what I need.

- Shane Roberts


Need help? Here are some.

This translucent paper is not clear. The photo will look muted.

Yes, parchment paper from ThunderBolt Paper is pH neutral.

The linen texture is on both sides of the paper.

Yes, 60# Parchment Paper is perfect for envelopes. That is a common weight of the paper converted to envelopes.

The 65# parchment cardstock calipers at .0100 inches and the gsm (grams per square meter) is 176. The 110# index cardstock calipers at .0090 inches and the gsm is 199. That means the parchment is slightly thicker but lighter in weight.

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