5 High-Quality Card Stock Paper Options For Business Cards

Even though we live in a digital era in which we have any type of information on a screen in a matter of seconds, paper is and will always be a basic material in the business world and our daily lives. There's nothing that shows more professionalism than a printed tangible business card or any type of card made out of high-end paper. This material has a lot of potential. Its versatility allows people to create all sorts of unique and high-quality cards, the only trick is to choose the best paper for your project.


Now, you're probably wondering which is the paper that you need for your next card project. ThunderBolt Paper has everything you need to create the best business cards. Let's talk more about the best and most popular paper options for card making. 


1. Card Stock Paper

If you're looking to create a strong and durable business card, then card stock paper is a must for your project. It's a heavy-weighted type of paper, therefore it's ideal for heavy-duty. One great advantage of this material is that it doesn't wrinkle easily, so your business card will always give out a professional vibe. Business card stock papers are printer-friendly. It allows you to print your content through different processes, creating a unique contrast between its natural colors and the ink.


2. Fiber Paper

Fiber paper is the one to go with if you want your project to have a natural and rustic vibe that's elegant at the same time. You'll find fiber paper in different hues of brown and beige natural colors to choose from as well as different sizes and weights. This type of business card paper is great if you want to print your information and make it look as if it were hand-made. At ThunderBolt Paper, we offer matching envelopes with any type of fiber paper that you choose.


3. Chipboard

Chipboard is one of the favorite materials to create business cards with an artsy touch. Although it might look like cardboard, the chipboard is not corrugated and it's made out completely of recycled fiber. You can find chipboards in endless weights and densities, so you'll have no problem finding one suited exactly for what you need. This is the perfect choice to make craft cards.


4. Bright Colored Card Stock Paper

Most people opt for white or brown business card papers, but bright colored paper can help you upgrade your card's design and create something unique. Colored card stock paper can help you create contrast between your printed information and the background. Choose a color that complements what you want to communicate through your business cards to end up with the best results. Plus, you can find bright colored envelopes of different sizes to upgrade the presentation of your letters.

5. Linen Card Stock Paper

Linen card stock paper is perfect to create elegant and aesthetic business cards. It has a unique finishing, similar to a woven matte texture which is perfect to add a subtle accent to your design. Linen business card stock pairs beautifully with light and artistic designs. So, if you intend your project to give out an elegant and delicate vibe, this type of card stock paper is for you.

Now that you have five different types of business card papers, you can create high-quality cards that'll make your business look even more professional.