Best Ideas For Gifts Using Parchment Paper

If you find yourself looking for an appropriate gift for a dear friend's first wedding anniversary, you will surely come across the suggestion for paper. At ThunderBolt Paper, we absolutely love each opportunity to incorporate paper in your life in the most hassle-free way. 

Also, since the traditional set of suggestions for giving anniversary presents dictates that the first anniversary should be a present made of paper, that also includes giving something to your own partner too. It presents us with an opportunity to not only make a genuine effort for someone that you care for, but also a way to indulge in some paper craft. 

Of course, everything really does boil down to how much effort you are willing to put in according to your budget. Paper craft is an inexpensive medium of making something exquisite and meaningful without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Here are some lightweight paper craft for gifting ideas:

  • Fancy wrapping papers

  • The most common and quick way to add paper to any gift, regardless of the occasion or significance of which anniversary it may be, is by adding beautiful wrapping paper. For an elegant and vintage quality to the gift, try some old age parchment paper to wrap the gift. 

    The slightly rough but old age parchment paper is easy to handle and incorporates easily into your paper craft activities.

    To add a little more archival touch to the present, you can add a note or even a scroll of paper with your greetings or wishes tied up with a string or ribbon.  

  • Make paper lamps

  • Have you ever noticed how parchment paper has an incomparable translucent quality to it? 

    If you haven't noticed then it's possible that you may not know third tracing paper on vellum paper with a distinctive translucent appearance is also parchment paper.

    The translucent quality provides you with an opportunity to use parchment paper in making paper lamps that can soften any source of bright lights.

    You can make foldable paper lamps using origami, or you can try some perforation or embossing to make smaller less like pattern lamp shades. 

  • Layer your greeting cards 

  • Of course, you are going to include a greeting card to your gift with some personalized message or wishes. You can also layer different kinds of papers for creating a pattern or Chevron patterned design. 

    Translucent parchment paper also proves to be an excellent tool for layering and softening the pattern or images lying underneath it.

    You can draw a cutout stickers or make stencil greetings on your handmade card for an endless option of customizations and fun paper craft activity.

  • Make some wall art

  • If you're planning to give somebody an exceptionally personal and thoughtful gift, why not pen down their favorite quote or lyrics of any song that both of you enjoy over the beautiful vintage parchment paper.

    The old age parchment paper adds a charming new dimension to your idea, and you might even try to get it framed as wall art for your own house as well. 

    In the same manner, you can use different kinds of papers for creating art, paintings or simply write motivational words over paper with calligraphy to be framed. 

  • Enlarge and print photographs  

  • As a personal favorite for many people, they prefer making an album of the photographs for an anniversary or any occasion gift. 

    Simply getting some photographs enlarged and printed over an elegant photo paper such as pearl or metallic finish paper can be a total game changer from the usual photo paper.

    Try it, and you will see yourself in the sheer volume of compliments from the gift recipients. 

    And if you wish, then make a scrapbook with all your favorite photos and memorabilia using all the paper scraps you can find. 

    Be sure to explore all these options for not only gifting options but also, for making beautiful things for yourself too. And when you need to, check out the ThunderBolt Paper blog or our social media handles for inspiration and our inventory for fulfilling your needs. As always, we would love to hear about your experiments and experiences with paper craft, and most of all our products. Make sure to leave a comment.