Ever Tried Parchment Cardstock

When you find yourself excited to step into a fancy stationery store or find yourself noticing the particular beauty of a business card you came across, know that you are a fan of beautiful papers. There are so many different and absolutely exquisite kinds of paper out there and at the ThunderBolt paper store as well that you may probably never be fed by them. One such extremely versatile paper is parchment paper. You may find a lot of it already in your kitchen because of its grease and heat resistant properties. But today we will focus on how many ways parchment paper can be used for craft. 

Know your parchment paper 

Parchment paper, as you may already know, is a plant based alternative or even a replica, if you please, of the old age parchment paper. But, of course, it is difficult to accept a product that involves killing or using dead animals. The plant based alternative is a much loved guilt- free option for parchment paper that is same or better in the following ways:

  • It looks vintage: Parchment paper has this old age vintage paper look to it. Many people love the way aged paper appears, especially with written words or poetry. Parchment paper can be used to print right about anything to give it a classic aged over time and is widely used for printing stationery or even invites. 
  • It is highly durable: The parchment paper is made with a silicon coating over it, which makes it resistant to not only heat and grease, as already mentioned, but also deems it immune to regular wear and tear. Compared to other paper products, parchment paper.
  • It has a texture: Because of the manufacturing process, parchment paper has a smooth almost plastic-like texture. The uncoated versions of parchment paper may be better suited to writing or printing. Both textures are equally easy to work with.
  • It is translucent: During the process for making parchment paper the air may trap inside the cellulose fibers giving it a cloudy appearance. Parchment paper has a transparent as well as translucent variety depending on the process of manufacturing. 
  • It is available in many thicknesses: From thinner tracing paper to thicker cardstock, parchment paper is available in many sizes as well as weights. You can use it for a variety of crafts and employ techniques such as embossing or perforating. 

The amazing versatility of parchment paper

Parchment paper is truly versatile. People may just know only about the baking uses  but you can make a variety of paper crafts using parchment paper.

  • Use paint or print: You can apply colours on parchment paper. Even for printing you can use different weights of parchment paper and allow a suitable amount of time for the ink to dry each time.
  • Try tracing: Because of the transparent nature of  parchment paper you can employ it to trace any art or diagrams to copy them. 
  • Perforation works too: With specific tools you can make shapes or intricate designs that look like lace on parchment paper for decoration.
  • Embossing: Using tools meant for heat embossing, you can try to make 3D cutouts with thicker parchment paper. 
  • For stationary and printing: Especially for printing exceptionally durable paper based items, we can employ parchment paper and its strength in the form of parchment cardstock. 

  •  Make brochure cover: Since the printing can take a little more time than regular paper, parchment paper makes for an excellent cover paper that helps in improving the life of enclosed papers. 

  • Business cards: You can try to get one of a kind looking business cards made of parchment paper cardstock. They are easy to handle and last a mighty long time while leaving a pleasant impression each time. 
  • Book covers: Since the books need protective covering of cardstock anyway, you can try cardstock the next time for printing your book covers. They can be translucent or transparent in appearance and can take stock printing well. 
  • Scrapbooking: Last, but not the least, use cardstock of any kind including parchment paper to embellish or cover your scrapbooks. The beautiful textured paper will add charms to your craft without crumbling under its own weight.

    To sum up, you can decide your choice of paper however you like, but it surely doesn't hurt to try a new combination. Parchment paper is much loved among crafters as well as printers for its unique properties and we are hoping you'd love it too. Let us know your experience in the comments.