Feeling Stressed? Try Writing About It

For a lot of us today, working away from a computer screen is next to impossible. More people began to work from home than ever before, and that translated to working on a computer or a laptop along with typing. Especially during the pandemic, students of all ages along with most of the working people depended on their various screens to get through their days.

This also inevitably increased the need to learn how to type every day, and continues to change as we slowly shift back to our usual routines. But as we shift our way from typing, would we lose the need to write things on a paper completely? The chances are that the predictions made by our parents or grandparents that someday people will forget how to write because of the prevalent technology around us will probably come true.

It is still very much possible for you to keep writing as a part of your daily routine, if simply to gain from the multiple benefits writing can bring. There are some undeniable benefits of typing such as speed or accessibility, but there are a few things that writing helps you achieve as we will discuss below that typing may or may not be able to provide.

Here are a few ways you may not know about writing

Strengthens memory

Food for thought by simply writing things down as you learn them helps you remember them better and facilitate recall letters as well. That is why in school, you're taught to learn by making notes or participating in practice tests designed to help you learn better.

The most significant role of writing using your hands in this case involves  memorizing things step by step in an orderly fashion.

Without emphasizing on writing with your hands or on a keyboard, Not only does writing help you improve your memory but also helps you recall all things you wish to practice learning better such as vocabulary or correct syntax.

Improves cognition

Writing is something that has been associated with improving the way we understand things and store in our memory for a long time now. Research suggests that writing helps you change the way your brain works by introducing practice, making the skills that you are trying to learn permanent.

Against popular myth, we do use most of our brains most of the time and while writing, the brain is active helping us focus and engage different parts of the brain. This intern helps you associate your learning with your organization skills, while improving creativity and reasoning as well.

This means writing as an activity helps us to improve our cognitive abilities which includes learning, understanding , memorizing and application of the same.

Writing is an art form

Photos of you who are fans of calligraphy or any kind of paper craft, you will know better than anybody how you become better overtime only with practice. With practice, not only are you able to channelize your creative juices into your projects at hand, you are also able to experience the massively relaxing effect art or craft activities have.

Art forms such as lettering or calligraphy when done on smooth finish paper allows you to learn beautiful words and draw letters while helping you actively reduce stress and relax.

Even when it comes to writing stories or literary works, only as you practice your skills that in turn help you hone your writing expression, vocabulary, syntax, diction and flow, which is what separates a paragraph from a great piece of writing.

Helps manage stress and moods

For a long time, scientists and therapists have suggested writing as a way to not simply channelize, but also explore the  inner workings of our thoughts and feelings. Writing has been proven to be an extreme experience when used to let out complex emotions in the form of words.

You may also try to simply pick up a pen or even a blank document on your laptop and Jordan all the thoughts that may be confusing, stressing or irritating you at the moment. While you ascribe meaning and words to your thoughts, you also gain an inside or even a better perspective when you read your own thoughts at another time, helping you manage strong emotions.

All things that utilize and promote paper including writing or even drawing words through art forms such as lettering are encouraged and supported by us, at ThunderBolt paper. We would love to hear your experience with writing with your hands or more popular on electronic devices that we have at our disposal at all times. Have you tried writing lately?