How To Start Writing A Diary In 2023

Have you been thinking about beginning to write a journal, but you simply cannot bring yourself to it? One of the reasons is obviously the quick distraction your phone creates each time you grab it to check a notification, and end up spending at least 20 minutes scrolling through different kinds of social media apps.

But if you have been thinking of testing the wonderful benefits of writing a diary - not on your computer or your phone where you type about your thoughts- but a proper diary made of paper, then this article may help you find your way. There are widely noted ways in which keeping a diary helps you in not just noting down your thoughts but many other ways as well.

At Thunderbolt paper, we support and encourage using paper diaries for writing a journal, the subject or focus of which can vary from person to person. Writing on paper can be drastically different from typing on a screen or keyboard, but it can be a little difficult to know where to start.

Here are a few ways to start your journey to diary writing

Pick a diary

It might come as a surprise to you, but getting yourself in a notebook or journal of any size you like is the first step of getting into the habit of writing a diary. Just like beginning any other hobby, you must begin with getting the right supplies.

If an A4 size diary with smooth surface paper is too big for you, you can begin with an A5 size diary or even smaller that can be carried around all day to jot down quick thoughts and things. By simply having a diary round on your desk or your bedside table, you will be able to inculcate a habit of writing.

Decide on a subject(s)

A lot of people associate journaling as a way of allowing all their thoughts and feelings to be run down on a paper for some catharsis. While this may be a very popular and effective way to manage emotions or observe emotions, you can also choose other reasons or subjects, even more than one. For example, you may enjoy planning your schedule on a beautiful linen flower print paper diary with multiple colored pens or stickers.

Journaling or writing a diary is a great way to track not just your thoughts, moods or feelings but also the progress of your goals/developments in your life or business to daily noting of your food and muscle gain while working towards a goal weight. The possibilities are endless, and only you have to decide what works the best for you.

Dedicate a time slot

Just like any other habit such as exercising or waking up on time or taking daily medication, you need to dedicate a time slot for your diary writing habit as well. Having routines of any kind is always difficult at first, and only by practicing a certain kind of discipline can you achieve success.

Even if you don't end up righting anything, or you just doodle for a few days, you will be able to condition your mind to be prepared for the exercise of writing a diary entry, however small, at that particular period of time.

Include dates

A lot of people begin their diary entries with the mention of the day or even the time when they decided to write that particular entry. This helps you remember things more clearly and track down progress of different kinds of periods of time.

Whenever we wish to look back in time for memories, a date and time can be really helpful for scaling progress and developments of personal or professional kinds.

Try honesty

One of the things that we can assure you of when you begin your diary writing journey is that after a point you will begin to find it easier than the first time as your thoughts slow more easily.

It is encouraged to consider your diary as someone that you do not hide anything from so as to use it to discuss or explore thoughts, feelings , emotions or information of any kind knowing it is meant for you and you only.

Not only do you notice your stream of consciousness on a diary entry you can also notice patterns and peculiarities over time, and without full disclosure the whole exercise of writing a diary may not be of any use.

So, begin somewhere, even if it is a private experiment of some sort and see how writing or maintaining a diary works out for you. We would love to hear your experiences in our comments or on any of our social media handles. Have you tried writing a diary?