How To Use Metallic Paper

Every day in the world of paper craft lovers there is a definite clear choice to be made. Not only there are endless things you can learn or create using different kinds of paper but also there are too many varieties of papers to explore. 

With each kind of paper the end result of the paper craft or even professional printing of your stationary can look completely different and leave varied impressions. At ThunderBolt paper, we love to introduce our readers and customers with not just the variety of techniques there are for paper but the possibilities that open up with different papers. 

That is why we are here to talk about the wonders of metallic paper and the many different bold or sometimes subtle ways you can incorporate it into your paper exploration journey.

Here are some properties of metallic paper as we explore their possible applications.

Excellent for parties 

In order to have a certain mood and ambience added to any gathering of people for any occasion you must add party props. 

Metallic paper with its unique metallic colours and a beautiful shiny surface finish can be the hero of all parties in the form of decorations. 

If it's a new year party or a birthday party you can make eye-catching shiny party hats or just loads of confetti. 

Making paper ornaments 

If you're decorating a Christmas tree or wedding, you could always add bright shining colours of metallic paper into decorative ornaments. 

Metallic paper parchment paper that's unique shade of color and striking luster can make for dazzling garlands wall hanging or ointment. 

Make paper crowns or new year numbered hats for those exceptionally bright and Instagram worthy photos with metallic paper. 

Use for photo displays

 If you want to show a large-scale photograph with realistic colours and vivid details then choose metallic finish photo paper. 

This kind of paper brings out the realistic colors of all elements of landscapes or seascapes so vibrant that artists in galleries choose metallic finish photo paper for their displays. 

The right amount of light reflecting from the surface while bringing out the true colors of the photograph is the task much fitting for metallic finish photo paper. 

Make layers 

Any kind of paper in the card stock thickness can be used for making layers. Whether you are making a greeting card with layers for or design for borders you can choose a metallic paper for an instant splash of colour.

Metallic paper does not have an excessively shining or reflective surface but a mix between matte and glossy paper finish which can be brilliant to incorporate in cards. 

Adding layers of different colors and surface finish is the best way to add slight intricacy to any greeting card, collage or paper display. 

Include in invitations 

If you plan to add multiple leaflets to your wedding invitations or formal gathering invite you can use metallic paper for different leaflets in a similar colour palette. 

The printing looks clear and vibrant on metallic paper for any kind of formal printing. 

You can also use metallic paper as a pocket or an envelope to an otherwise uncoated surface paper invite. 

Get your business cards

Make a bold impression and get easily noticed by choosing metallic paper for your business cards.

If anything else metallic paper is known for making excellent first impressions and business cards required to make impressions.

You will get noticed by the people you plan to be noticed by and instill an image of bold confidence with your choice of business cards. 

Try calligraphy

Metallic paper finish is a highly versatile paper with sometimes dramatically beautiful colours that can be the first choice for many. 

If you use similar metallic finish inks on metallic paper you may be able to create striking calligraphy art. 

In fact there is no problem with writing on metallic paper with easily gliding pens and brushes.

There are always choices that are literally endless when it comes to trying a new paper and the possibilities keep opening up with new ideas. We are always educating and encouraging regarding trying new things to try with paper in different forms of life and we are always curious to know what you, as a reader, think of these suggestions. Have you tried metallic paper?  Tell us in the comments.