Ideas For New Year Party In 2021

After a long year of many highs and lows along with the pandemic's constant scares and social distancing the year is finally ending. We all begin with counting our blessings and end with a final celebration on the last year of the day. 

As all of us bring the Christmas tree down and pack the gifts away, we get ready to wrap the whole year to a happy ending and celebrate the advent of the new year. It is a tradition in many cultures to celebrate the arrival of the new year of life and welcoming the new year is always a celebration of some kind. 

As always, all of us at ThunderBolt Paper love every reason and occasion to find more reasons to make paper decorations, and new year is just another day for paper decorations. We are always looking to share our ideas for parties and celebrations along with more ways to use pretty paper for decoration. 

But, for now, let's begin with exploring a brief history of New Year's Day. 

How did the new year come to be?

A lot of people may not know but New years have been around for about 4000 years since ancient Babylon. The Babylonians of the time used to celebrate new year usually in late March with an extensive festival that would last for 11 days and involved different rituals each day. 

In a way, the Babylonians knew how to celebrate and their 11 day celebration probably sports even the best of our parties to shame. In some cultures, New year's day may differ according to the harvest or the astrological calendar. 

As the Romans introduced the Julian calendar in around 46 B.C. the first month of the year was known as Janus named after the Roman God of new beginnings Julius Caesar announced January 1st as the new year day. 

New year celebrations must contain

Of course there are many ways to celebrate any occasion but there are always basic elements that should remain. 

Invite people in time

A lot of people may be busy with their family and may have plans to just relax so it's probably best to plan ahead and send out invitations in time. You could either send out evites or make use of different kinds of colourful or textured cardstock paper like vellum paper and print invitation cards yourself.

Choose Good music 

Music is something that can make or break a party. If you have invited a few people and you plan to keep them around and till midnight since it's new year's eve you must have energetic groovy music that people can have fun to. 

Lots of confetti 

One of the most crucial moments of the new year celebrations is the moment everyone counts down to  the clock strikes twelve and everyone wishes each other Happy New year. This exact moment must be met with plenty of confetti. 

You can grab all your colourful gift wrapping paper for scrap paper pattern paper and cut them into small pieces to make your own confetti while you upcycle your waste. 

Include Decorations

One of the most important decorations you can have for your new year party is get yourself a lot of party hacks that have the new year numeric written over it. 

You can also make as many kinds of garlands as you like by simply cutting different shapes such as stars or flowers and sew them together with string. 

Fun games 

One of the most important things after plenty of food and drinks for your gas is also having something to do while they wait around for the clock to strike 12. 

You can plan a few fun group activities such as two truths and a lie, karaoke or go around telling the different distinctive things about the year or even the festive season that just passed. 

Even though we trust all of you will be able to make all of your celebrations epic, make sure you are able to have fun as well. Lastly, know if any of these ideas or suggestions work for you if you have any suggestion that we could add to the list. We will also love to hear from you about your festive season celebrations in the comments or any of our social media handles. Happy New Year!