Know Your Treeless Paper Alternatives In 2023

In recent years, the conversation around preservation of nature and saving trees has come a long way and becomes more urgent every day. There are many things that are spoken of several times on the subject of environmental conservation that are absolutely critical to do in order to make any noticeable difference in the environment as we go forward.

As we spend day after day learning about our paper products and educating ourselves along with our readers about the many ways paper usage needs to change in order to be sustainable. At ThunderBolt paper, we try our best to stay ahead with the times and propagate the required information about all things paper whenever possible.

And shifting to different varieties of paper that are possibly made entirely out of recycled paper or perhaps even without trees is the way to go forward with our paper usage. Here is what you need to know about treeless paper and what makes it so important.

What is treeless paper?

As we all know that would is one of the main ingredients for making paper. One of the most critical components of the most soft paper that you might have used at home is actually like that because of the high content of wood. For that matter, every third tree is being cut down to meet the needs of paper demands. So with the urgent need to save trees for ours and future generations  along with saving the environment, we can move on to tree-less paper.

Any kind of paper that is made by using products other than trees such as fabric, seaweed or banana is a treeless paper.

Plants such as bamboo, that grow incredibly fast or do not require special conditions to grow, are better resources for growing paper while needing a lesser amount of energy for production of paper.

Why do we need treeless paper?

In order to help the ultimate goal of leading a sustainable life, we need to restore the environment to its original condition or somewhere close. That means through all these years when millions of trees have been cut down simply for the production of paper, we can move to options that do not require us to cut down more trees and are not detrimental to the environment.

Treeless paper performs and looks a lot like the regular paper and can be replaced quicker than trees without taking as much energy to process wood pulp. You may use paper while reducing the need to cut down trees that are responsible to maintain our planet's temperature and well-being, which ultimately affects our well-being.

So we need alternatives that can provide us with paper that is sustainable without harming the environment or population of trees that take a long time to grow by switching to plant spruces that are easy to replace or grow quicker than most trees.

Is it even the same as normal paper?

One of the most important reasons to find tree less pieces of paper is that it takes a lot of time to grow, and we cannot simply go on cutting down trees because of our paper needs.

 So by exploring tree-less eco-friendly paper made from a variety of sources such as hemp, mulberry, bamboo or even stone you can find out for yourself if they are any different from regular paper. These papers may or may not look too far from the regular paper, but can also have a unique appearance, bringing a certain character like that of mulberry paper or linen paper to your stationery and craft projects.

For that matter, a lot of tree-less paper is manufactured as high quality paper products that are suitable to be used for all your craft projects and personalized  stationery for printing.

You may know that there are many kinds of tree-less alternatives to try from, such as hemp, mulberry, elephant feces or paper made from plant eating animals. Your cotton  fabrics, agricultural by-products and your consumer paper waste can all contribute to making tree less paper. We would love to hear about your experience with paper that is made from anything other than trees. Tell us in the comments below, have you tried any eco-friendly tree-less paper?