Parchment Paper | The Versatility Star Of Paper Craft

For many years, parchment paper has been used in place of paper because of a dearth of surfaces to write or paint on. At some point we moved from animal skin to fabric, and then we found plant based paper that was easily accessible.

Parchment paper was known for its unique old paper look and the longevity it offered to the documents. Overtime, the usual paper making methods have been able to replicate the vintage look of the parchment paper by processing regular paper. 

Even though parchment paper  from animal skin is still available, it has been taken over by the plant based variants also because of the extremely tardy and expensive process of production involved in processing animal skin. 

A lot of you used parchment paper for its grease and moisture resistant properties in the kitchen, but there are a lot of things you can use outside of the kitchen too. 

Try these arts and crafts with parchment paper

Parchment paper from ThunderBolt papers has a particularly delicate look and feel to it. Based on its appearance only, you can probably think of several ways it can be used, here are a few we recommend. 


When it comes to drawing, you can use parchment paper for a lot of activities such as handwriting or drawing with pencils or pen.

Since parchment paper is available in both thick opaque and translucent varieties, you can use it as a form of see through tracing paper or vintage looking paper for drawing. 

Parchment paper has a slight tooth that proves as a good surface for drawing or painting with various mediums.

Make greeting cards 

This is perhaps one of those few methods that requires or allows multiple kinds of paper craft to be included on each greeting card. 

Make excellent use of parchment cardstock paper to include the vintage look of the paper for making greeting cards as it allows writing, drawing, and printing over this paper. 

You can also make all parts of an invitation card, such as a wedding, including the reply cards that people can write on to send back to you. 


This is one of the most popular paper craft that, as per its namesake, allows you to use even scrap paper. Commonly known to be a relaxing craft, scrapbooking can include different textures and colors for patterns of paper, including parchment paper.

You can even use parchment cardstock to make the pages of the scrapbook where you paste all your photos and memorabilia with a consistent textured background for a uniform classic look. 

Try embossing or perforating craft

For using the beautiful and  translucent parchment paper in decorations, try some basic embossing.

With some embossing tools, parchment paper can be used to make lamp shades or decorative cut out pieces for greeting cards or scrapbooking.

With perforation tools, you can also make intricate designs that can look like delicate lace to be used for decorating gift boxes. These perforated papers can be put over small lights or to be used as lamp shades. 

Print anything

By keeping some basic information about parchment paper in mind, you can print anything from images, text or even stickers. 

Parchment paper can require specific handling procedures while printing and takes a lot more time to dry completely than other papers.

You can also check your printer's compatibility with parchment paper and use thick equality paper for better results than having thin paper crumble under its own weight with the ink. 


When you enjoy the art of drawing beautiful letters and words, you will definitely want to try different kinds of paper. 

Due to the unique quality of parchment paper of different thicknesses, you can enjoy practicing calligraphy with specialized pens and pigmented inks meant for parchment paper.

Many historical documents were made using parchment paper, and you can make use of calligraphy over parchment paper for your important documents such as invitations or greeting cards. 

In the end, it definitely comes down to your individual imagination for using any kind of paper for your personal craft projects or professional printing work. We would love to hear about your experience with parchment paper and the variety of ways we know that it can be used. Don't forget to leave a comment or feedback.