The Best Reasons To Choose Thunderbolt Papers

Perhaps it is the insatiable love for paper products that we find ourselves loving everything about paper at ThunderBolt Papers. Of the endless options of cutting, pasting and decorating that keep coming up with paper that it's impossible to not be amazed by it. 

And that is the sole reason, at ThunderBolt papers, we continue to strive for perfection by delivering our best each time. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to help you, our reader and our prized customer, to tell you everything that makes our products the ultimate best for all your printing and crafting needs. 

You will not need to worry about finding the right kind, texture or weight of paper with a trusted source such as ThunderBolt papers. 

Here are some of the best characteristics that define the paper kinds and quality at ThunderBolt. 

All paper is Plant-based

One of the most loved products in our inventory is Parchment paper. Even though parchment paper was largely made from animal skin or even its close relative vellum paper that was made from calfskin, both parchment and vellum paper that we bring to you are made entirely from plant based ingredients. 

The paper industry follows an ethical practice of planting as many trees as they use, which in turn helps them make paper from a renewable source. And, even if animal parchment is still something you could find if you wish, we use only plant based products to make paper. 

The ingredients used are ensured to be Non-Toxic

Because paper is an essential and indispensable part of our lives, there is a need for checking if it is safe for you to wrap food or use every day. 

The paper industry does use a lot of chemicals in production of paper that can be hazardous to humans as well as the environment. We understand the need to make and share safe paper products that do not cause harm if we are using them on a daily basis. 

You can depend on ThunderBolt papers to be made from completely safe, non-toxic materials for your best interests. 

All paper products are recyclable

A large chunk of our paper products are made from recycled consumer waste or by simply pressing paper pulp into sheets such as Kraft paper, chipboard paper or cardboard sheets. 

All these kinds of paper are widely used in packaging, arts and crafts, which can then be turned over to recycling to avoid having more paper end up in land mines. 

By using recycled paper and then choosing to recycle at your own end, we help the environment and reduce our own carbon footprint. 

There is No Watermark

The term watermark was used traditionally for keeping the branding of the paper intact on each sheet.

But with time and changing needs of the customers, a need for paper that did not have a branding or watermark increased. 

At ThunderBolt paper, you may buy any kind of copy paper or bond paper, but you may never notice a watermark even if you hold it against the light. The absence of a watermark allows a wider application of paper in all professional and personal settings. 

Choose the Optimum Weight you need

 If you're planning to buy a particular cardstock for your business cards, the one of the first things that you will be required to decide is the paper weight of the paper you choose. 

ThunderBolt papers provides you with a conveniently diverse choice for paperweights in not only cardstock but also any other paper that you may need for professional printing or crafts. 

Paper weight can be crucial for your decisions if you require the paper to be strong and study, such as in the case of business cards, printing quality photos or paper craft of different kinds. 

In the end, it all boils down to our customers' experience with our product and our services that makes us who we are. We work hard every day to maintain above-mentioned standards and regulations to bring nothing but the best of the paper for you. We would love to hear about your experience with our products and possible feedback at any step of the process of interaction with us, feel free to leave a comment or write to us on our social media handles.