The Best Use Of Paper Honeycomb

In today's day and age, all the whole world is working in one direction for finding eco-friendly options for almost all materials that we have. In fact, it is crucial that plastics be removed from our waste and replaced with biodegradable alternatives, which in turn reduces the global waste problem.

One material that shines through all the synthetic or plastic based materials in many ways is, of course, paper. Not any kind of paper but one of our favorites at Thunderbolt Paper, Kraft paper is brilliant at many things, including replacing synthetic materials used in packaging. In fact, Kraft paper honeycomb is one such superstar packaging material that is gaining popularity with every passing day.

The important thing to know about Kraft paper is that it is extremely versatile to be used in paper crafting, art as well as packaging. Here are a few benefits of Kraft paper that makes it so versatile.

Features of Kraft paper

One of the reasons that kraft paper stands distinctively different from any other paper is the unmatched strength Kraft paper has. During its production, kraft paper has reduced lignin and increased strength, but Kraft paper is also known for:

Being Eco-friendly

One of the most important features of kraft paper as already mentioned is the environment friendly nature of the paper. kraft paper is made from using almost all kinds of wood and parts of the plant which includes bamboo and resinous pine without using excessive amounts of bleach. Almost all the by-products of the Kraft paper manufacturing process are recovered and reused, making it a method that sustains itself while remaining 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

Tear resistant strength

One of the most common places that you can see Kraft paper being used is all the dark brown paper bags used for packing all the grocery items. Because of the high amount of sulphur being used in the manufacture of kraft paper, it is incredibly strong and resistant to tearing. Some variants such as virgin kraft paper are stronger than others.


Along with using all kinds of plant parts including leaves twigs along with resinous pine as well as recycled paper. The more you replace different varieties of Kraft paper with your regular paper products and practice reusing or even refurbishing your paper products, you reduce the amount of waste paper that ends up in landfills.


Kraft paper is available in many colours, thicknesses and varieties, including coated and uncoated versions. From being used in many different kinds of packaging processes, kraft paper is fit for use in almost all your paper craft activities, gift wrapping and coloring paper needs. 

In fact, paper honeycomb made of kraft paper is one such packaging material that has been gaining popularity as the pressing need of conservation of environment increases. 

The prime features as well as reasons  for using kraft paper honeycomb are as follows.

Why use Kraft paper honeycomb?

If it isn't obvious already, here are a few reasons to choose kraft paper honeycomb for your packaging needs:

Easy to use

You can find rolls of honeycomb paper that is cut into a mesh like structure with honeycomb design that you might have to stretch out for a preferred density. You don't have to worry about using more layers or protecting fragile items by only stretching and wrapping as compared to plastic pellets, bubble wrap etc.  


Honeycomb structure is considered strong and effective for packaging almost any kind of material that requires shifting from one place to another, including glass ceramic metal wood. You don't even have to worry about customizing the shape or size of the honeycomb according to different objects.

Packaging and cost efficiency

Paper honeycomb made of kraft paper is an easily available lightweight extremely strong and efficient packaging material that does not require any extra equipment to cut or use, which helps improve efficiency of the packaging. On top of that, kraft paper packaging materials are extremely cost-effective as well as resistant to humidity that helps to transport objects in changing weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly

Entirely made from biodegradable materials, Kraft paper honeycomb packaging offers exceptional support and safety to packages while being completely recyclable. More use of environmentally friendly products means a lesser amount of plastic used for packaging and shipping.

As always, we would love to hear from you about your experience with our products and especially with kraft paper variants in paper craft for packaging in the comments or through any of our social media handles.