The Wonders Of Cardboard Craft In 2021!

We do not need any introduction to cardboard since we see it all around our houses every day. Whether it is the endless boxes of shipment or cereal boxes we come across, cardboard is found in many forms and thicknesses right in our homes. 

Not only are they extremely strong but so easy to handle and mold into shapes that cardboard is used endlessly all around us.

Do We Really Know Enough About Cardboard? 

At the very basic level, cardboard is thickened and flattened paper pulp with minimal processing. It is usually brown but for the purpose of craft, it can be available in a variety of colors as well. In this kind of paper, you will see specs of grain spread throughout the surface. The paper may also not have a smooth finish like your regular paper because it does not go under high processing procedures. 

No matter what thickness you like working with, most of it is wood pulp that has been recycled paper. Cardboard, especially the one that is used to make book covers or cereal boxes, is easy to bend or mold and that is why it is extremely suitable for crafts.

It is basically just thick sheets of recycled paper stuck together with glue. 

The thickest corrugated cardboard is almost exclusively used for packaging. But the thinner forms otherwise known as cartons are made of cardboard and are perfect for DIY projects. 

What Makes Cardboard So Special? 

To start with, cardboard is an eco-friendly, inexpensive, and durable material that can be used in multiple ways around the house to make things. If we can trust our packages with it, then we can trust its strength. Although carton boxes may not be as strong, sheets of cardboard are extremely malleable and versatile to be used in a variety of crafts.

Cardboard also happens to have a usable surface that is not as smooth as all processed fine papers. Even then you can write, draw or stamp on the surface to get all your creative juices flowing. The thinner varieties can also be perfect for printing images or texts in an inkjet printer without any hassle. 

Using very basic tools and materials, you can make covers for your journals or greeting cards to protect them with this thick and sturdy paper, which can very easily be decorated or customized to your creative ideas. On top of everything, Thunderbolt Paper bring you cardboard for your crafts that is 100% recycled product, and in case you do not enjoy it you are welcome to return the product to ask for a full refund.

What Do We Use It For? 

  • Handcraft boxes.

One of the best ways to organize any room or a desk is to find boxes to put things in. You can very easily use cardboard craft and cardboard of varying thickness to make small boxes that can help you store anything ranging from small jewelry items to huge books or toys. Simply cut shapes, and paste with tape or regular PVA glue.

  • Album or scrapbook covers 

Cardboard is thick and sturdy at the same time it is easy to bend and mold which makes it very suitable for making covers for scrapbooks for albums. You can use colorful paper to decorate the cardboard or write or paint over it to suit your fancy. You may even use it for decoration in scrapbooks or invitations.

  • Create photo or book protecting covers 

If you need to provide thickness or foundation to your photos in photo frames or on the wall all you can use is cardboard. Because of its inherent thickness, it can help in protecting photos or even books. You can make photo frames of many shapes and sizes that will fit perfectly with your cardboard sheets. 

  • Decoration at weddings or parties 

Cardboard can easily become the base for slicking colorful papers or stickers to provide the shape and strength. This is a good feature to use in decoration for making flowers or elaborate backgrounds. Your party hats or multiple fun props can be as crazy as you like with the cardboard craft options.

  • Upcycle cartons. 

While you can use loose cardboard sheets whenever you may feel like them, you can also reuse toilet rolls or cartons for their particular shape to be used in your craft. They can help make almost anything from animals to trees or even playhouses when used together. 

The beauty of art and craft is that it allows you to completely transform items of everyday use into pieces of art. Paper is an excessively multipurpose object that is used in various forms in the craft. Many people have enjoyed making things with cardboard crafts similar to the paper cup phones attached with a string to play with in our collective childhood. Have you tried cardboard recently?