Try A Collage For Holiday Gifts In 2022

For paper craft enthusiasts or art and craft lovers, every holiday or occasion is an opportunity for a new project. When it comes to trying different paper craft, there really is an endless list of things one can do. 

Since the whole process of creating something from scratch using our hands and undivided attention can be surprisingly meditative, there is always something new to try. 

Among the many things you might have been doing or seeing around you that are done with paper cuttings, collages are the most common projects. 

Today, at ThunderBolt Paper, we will get you familiarized with everything you need to start your newest craft project of making a collage. Let us begin with the basics.

What exactly is a collage?

For those of you who may be living under a rock and still don't know anything about what a collage is, it is a form of art where different photos and pictures are combined with different materials to present an image or an idea. 

The French word "collér" is the root of the word collage, which basically means 'to glue' different images together. It hardly matters where the images are sourced from, but a lot of print media such as newspaper advertisements or magazines are popular and convenient options.

Types of collage

Based on different materials being used for making a collage, there can be 4 kinds of collage. 


Three-dimensional images when created with the use of random found objects can be used to create an Assemblage which is related to college due to pasting on a canvas property. 

Photo montage 

As the name suggests, photo montage refers to a lot of photographs assembled together in a small condensed space or a flat surface. 


When different images are created by layering paper cutouts one on top of the other, which is then sealed with varnish, it refers to découpage. This technique can be used on furniture, 

Paper collage

This is the most common and usual way of creating a collage, where the main medium for pasting images for creating an image is paper. 

You can make collages for various art and craft projects including decoration such as the following. 

Art projects

A collage can be an excellent method to display and condense different kinds of information and illustrate with photos. Art projects that aim at showcasing different ideas often use a collage while using a variety of media. 

For holidays

A fun way of decorating a wall is by creating a photo collage or simply creating a larger theme or an image using multiple photos. Especially around the holidays, photo collages can be an exquisite decorative and gifting item as well. 


A perfect occasion for creating a scrapbook or memory board using collage technique with photos or memorabilia is a birthday. Photo collage still makes it one of the top gifting ideas for many craft lovers.

Vision boards

A lot of people prefer to create a vision board to be able to visualize their goals by creating a collage on a board. 

Tips to create your first collage

Planning on your first ever collage, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Themes are important 

Even though there aren't really any rules to stick a couple of photos or images together while making a collage, using a theme makes for a cohesive composition. Try looking for something that brings out an idea without having to employ any words. 

Colors are critical 

There are some hues that work very well together to evoke calm and pleasant feeling, but on the other hand using bright highly contrasting colors can grab attention far more quickly. Especially if you wish to convey a certain specific message, then consider a color palette that induces the right kind of emotion you seek. 

Consider different textures

Using smooth glossy paper along with textured coated cardstock or uncoated linen paper can create a visual with different surfaces adding a depth to your collage. 

Materials matter 

Even though you may not require any special equipment for making a collage, you may however need the following basic, easily available materials.


Focus on getting a sharp pair that gets you a desired clean cut. 


Don't be afraid to try different textures and thicknesses. See what looks good and take it from there. 


You can use a thick chipboard sheet or a cardboard sheet to mount your collage, but you may also consider wood or even canvas as per your convenience. 

Acid free materials 

Using acid free materials to ensure the longevity of your art projects while looking the same kind of beautiful when you first make them. 

Now that you have been familiarized with the basics of collage, go ahead and try making one and let us know about your experience in the comments below.