Try Eco-Friendly Paper Craft In 2023

Do you know the best thing about having a favorite hobby or pastime is? Most people have one or more past times that they enjoyed doing by themselves in order to feel relaxed and might even create something beautiful in the process.

But today, as we move into an era that has an urgent need for sustainable living, there is a high chance you might have to revisit your favorite past times as well. When having a sustainable hobby is no longer a choice but rather an unofficial directive we may have to follow in order to be responsible towards the environment, including your craft hobby too.

Especially paper craft can be something to be concerned about since a lot of paper is still made from trees, and we already know they need to be saved, by and large, and plant as many as possible. This calls for a consistent decision to switch our paper needs and try some alternatives that are eco-friendly. At ThunderBolt paper, here we explore a few ways we can be responsible for practicing our paper craft hobby.

Sourcing your materials

No matter what you wish to work with when it comes to art or craft you do need materials repeatedly. For making large scale murals, paintings or posters, you will need art supplies that can function to help you create something beautiful without adding toxicity to the environment. This means you have to be mindful about your choices for raw materials and choose to work with those that are not causing harm to the environment.

Try sourcing your materials that support recycling as well as upcycling. Chances are you may be able to find the materials you need from someone who doesn’t need them and is looking to discard, making a circular sourcing channel that reduces trash.

Consider tree-free alternatives especially for your craft paper. There are many kinds Of paper alternatives that you can try without having to worry about the trees being cut down just for your craft.

Do not overuse

The only way you can understand why it’s critical for you and everyone to start thinking about saving the natural resources is because one build another we have already over used them. Everything that was available to us in the form of forests, natural clean water or even clean air, we have managed to over use all of this and pollute everything on its way.

No matter what activity it is, including craft, there needs to be a very conscious awareness of not overusing or exploiting our resources. Especially to propagate the ideas and practice sustainability a major focus needs to be on finding alternative sources for materials and raw materials that do not harm the environment.

Being responsible for whatever we use for our everyday life that doesn't hurt the environment in the long run is the best way or just the only way to go forward to maintain and practice sustainability from this point onwards.

Non-toxic paper making process

Even if you may think that paper is made from plants and there is nothing toxic included in it that may pollute the environment later when it’s dumped in a landfill, you might have to google a few things. There are many processes that raw materials of the paper goes through in order to make it look a certain way or perform a specific function.

For example there can be inks that are toxic to the environment or bleached paper because the bleaching agent is not suitable for composting or normal disposal because of the bleaching chemicals. So you can practice responsible craft activities by researching where your paper is sourced from and make an effort to switch to paper products and materials that are free from toxic paper making processes.

Many paper making processes can be completely safe for the paper as well as the environment. For example, handmade paper can be the most safe option for making paper because of the least amount of chemicals and usage of recycled paper.

When it comes to sustainability, most of the things and materials that we own, be it fabrics, metals, plastics, or paper we have to focus on recycling as much as we can. By taking the responsibility of taking a safe route towards a more sustainable future including even the simple craft activities we can educate ourselves and people around us for the much-needed sustainable future. Have you tried safe sustainable resources for your paper craft?