Ways To Personalize Your Valentine's Day Present

Now that February is here, are you ready for Valentine's Day celebration? Every year, no matter how people would like to believe otherwise, in the wake of the digital boom around us, Valentine's Day is still associated with the largest number of greetings and gifts exchanged second to only Christmas. 

Even though there can be just about any day that can be celebrated with your loved ones, there is a certain charm to Valentine's Day that brings a certain focus on celebrating love just. Without experiencing pressure on your mind and your pocket for finding something to do on Valentine's Day, we can help you with finding something that can personalize your experience. 

Just like any other holiday, at ThunderBolt paper, we believe in celebrating every occasion we can have with love and our loved ones. That's why we are here to help you with little ideas that can help you really cherish your special time with your significant other, or what you can get them  for Valentine's Day.

Recreate a date

One of the few things that cannot be compared to anything that you do with your partner every other day is undivided attention to each other over a date. 

Decide on where you wish to recreate your first date or plan a simple candlelit dinner or even a picnic, especially for Valentine's Day.

 Make sure to arrange for a completely device free few hours with your partner or substantial other and help them with the same too so that you can really enjoy each other's company exclusively.

Buy a subscription for them

If you are looking forward to buying something as a present for your partner or spouse of many years, you run out of ideas for gifts at some point.

Why not get them a subscription of a service they are thinking about getting for themselves.

This subscription can range from anything between Netflix Hulu or yoga or CrossFit app membership or boxes of makeup, food or wine. 

Support a hobby

This is rather simple and easy to choose. If your partner is trying out a new hobby or learning a new skill, why not try to buy something that facilitates their process. 

For example, if they enjoy keeping some houseplants, then getting them a new plant can really show how invested you are in their interest and hobbies as well. 

The same way if they enjoy art craft or drawing you can perhaps buy them better supplies such as thick smooth finish paper for hand lettering or that set of fancy water colors, just something they happen waiting to buy but have not been able to for now. 

Cook together

What more can be better than spending quality time together while you two prepare a meal. Doing perhaps any task together can help us understand new things about our partners or even ourselves.

Rather than going out to an expensive restaurant on one of the busiest nights for dinner reservations, you could simply buy local groceries and cook something at home without spending exorbitant amounts of money. 

Write love notes

There is something about handwritten notes that will always be more personal than any number of text messages that you may send to your special someone. 

Whether it's a personal anecdote written over a valentine greeting card or a Love poem written with some basic hand lettering skills can really raise the level of special someone can feel. 

Make handmade cards

There is nothing more exciting about any occasion than giving and receiving presents along with some personalized greeting cards. But if you really put in some effort and rather than buying a greeting card, why not try grabbing some greeting card paper and making a handmade greeting card for Valentine's Day. 

The recipient of handmade greeting cards is bound to feel special because of the effort you made while making the said greeting card, perhaps thinking of them, and that can make anyone feel very special. 

At the end of the day, it really just depends on you and the equation with your romantic partner on how you wish to spend your Valentine's Day. You can try one of these ideas or simply try one of your own, as long as you decide to spend some time with someone you love. How did you celebrate your Valentine's Day this year? Tell us in the comments.