Why Is Natural Paper A Virtue Of Goodness And Beyond?

Most people relate natural paper to those papers that have earthy tones, grainy stiff textures, and a couple of decorative leaves and flowers here and there. While this might be true in a few types of natural papers, it's not the case of all of them. In this paper category, you can find elegant sheets of paper with different colors, textures, and thicknesses that you can use in any way you need to. Let's talk a little more about this paper category and why it is a virtue of goodness and beyond.


You can always find a paper option that suits your needs.

At ThunderBolt Paper, we have over eight different categories of natural paper that sum up countless subcategories. You'll find sheets with different colors, textures, and finishing to match the idea that you have for your project. Among these options, you can choose the best one for printing purposes, bookbinding or origami, craft projects, or even for business applications.


They're strong and durable.

Our papers are made out of different natural fibers that come from materials like wood or cotton. Due to the strength and the length that these natural fibers have individually, we're able to create elegant paper sheets that might have a delicate and unique look but are more resistant to rupture than anyone could imagine.


You can use them for printing projects.

People are so used to seeing and printing their documents on the same type of paper that they don't even imagine that they have the possibility of printing whatever they want in the type of paper that they like the most. Well, we have good news for you. Craft papers like the ones we have at ThunderBolt Paper are 100% printer-friendly. You don't have to limit yourself anymore and stick to regular office paper, let your imagination flow and experiment printing with your projects in different types of printing paper.


They evoke a unique vibe that will upgrade your projects.

No matter how you use our paper sheets, they will inevitably elevate your projects and give them a sense of a higher quality. The natural fibers provide elegant textures and colors that no synthetic paper has. They are perfect for high-end projects like wedding invitations, business cards, corporate identity, scrapbooking, etc. 


It reduces the impact that the paper industry has on the environment.

The paper industry wastes an unimaginable amount of water every day to comply with its production. Only one A4-size sheet of paper requires around 10 liters of water for its production. Plus, it also requires large amounts of energy, and countless trees are cut down daily. Craft paper, as well as recycled papers, can reduce significantly the number of trees that are cut down, the kilowatts of energy used, and the liters of oil and water that are wasted during paper production. Thus, reducing the impact that the paper industry has on the environment.

Now that you know more about natural paper, which one will you choose for your next project?