4 Tips For Choosing The Best Photo Printing Paper

Printing photography projects is nothing like printing documents or other types of projects. Photography is delicate and requires high-quality printers and papers in order to look as good as it deserves. The right photo paper has the power of highlighting the details of the photo and making it look even more professional. Knowing which is the best paper for your photos and which one will make them stand out isn't as easy a task as someone would imagine. It's a crucial part of the project so that you get the best possible outcome. 

We've gathered a few tips that you can use whenever you have to choose a printing paper for your photos.


Think Of How You'll Use Your Printed Photo.

The first thing you need to do before printing your photo is imagined where you'll place it, the size that you want it to have, or if you want to frame it or use it as a poster. This will give you a wide idea of the characteristics that you need for your photo paper. 


Become Familiar With The Printing Options That You Have.

No matter if you're printing at home or you're having your project printed somewhere else, you should check the types of printing processes available. The best printing options for photography are Inkjet and Dye-Sublimation. The first one is used for smaller projects, while the second option is more popular amongst those who're printing larger photos. Make sure that the paper you choose is compatible with the printing method that you're using.


Determine The Finishing That You Want For Your Project.

There are different types of photo papers, the most popular one is glossy paper. This gives the photographs a unique brightness and color that we all relate to the classic family photo albums because it's one of the best options for printing snapshots. But, if you're looking to print something for an exhibition or a bigger size-photography, you could go for a matte finishing that creates better contrast and highlights the details of your photo without any reflection.

On the other side, if you want to frame your project, canvas could be the option for you. It will make the colors in your photo look bright and detailed even when it's viewed from a distance. The last option is art paper, a type of texture paper that can make your photo resemble a painting. This one is very popular among landscape photographers who want to bring more life to the portrayed elements.


Choose The Specific Details That You Want The Paper To Have

Now that you know how you'll use your photo, where you'll print it, and then finishing what you want for it, you can move on to defining the specifics and determine easier which paper is the best for you. At ThunderBolt Paper, we have durable and long-lasting options in different colors, textures, and sizes. Any of our papers, combined with the right printing method will last you for a lifetime. We recommend you take a small test before printing your project to make sure that that's the paper that you want.