5 Paper Craft Ideas For Friendship Day

Way back in the year 1919 Hallmark came up with an interesting way to celebrate friendship and founded Friendship Day. Intended to celebrate the day with people by sending each other cards, this custom slowly died down after a few decades. Today, July 30th is recognized as the International Friendship Day by the United Nations even when there are several other countries that observe Friendship Day on the 1st Sunday of August. 

An excellent way to get together and tell all the special people in our lives how truly special they are, friendship day is as important as any other holiday such as Christmas or even Valentine's Day, both of which are celebrated with the custom of sending cards. Such occasions allow us an opportunity to tell the special people in our lives including friends and family of just how much we cherish them. 

At ThunderBolt papers, we have an extensive range of papers that provide you with a nearly endless list of crafts to try.

Here are 5 ways you can try to use your creative abilities to celebrate this friendship day with hand made greeting cards:

Try parchment paper for perforation or tracing

Parchment crafting includes various techniques such as coloring, cutting, perforating and blending. You can add parchment paper to your handmade cards to display a beautiful and delicately layered look.

Parchment paper is excellent for tracing your designs by putting them over the design and using pencil to draw over the visible outline of the design.

Not only that, but you can also use perforating tools along with optional embossing tools meant for parchment paper to create cut out graceful designs on the paper that look beautiful and fine like a diaphanous lace. 

Try vellum paper for stenciling and heat embossing 

Because of the peculiar translucent plastic, like the vellum paper, you can use it to give patterned paper a softer look by placing a balance sheet over it. 

Using heat embossing techniques vellum becomes the perfect paper to be used for or overlays or window like structure in cards. 

With proper tools meant for stenciling and embossing powder you can start the step-by-step process of cutting out the piece of vellum paper and then stencil designs on them followed by heat embossing tools. 

For making layers use colored cardstock and linen paper

In order to make fancy for multiple layers with different papers, start with using thick card stock meant for greeting cards as the base followed by cut out layers of different papers such as parchment paper or scrapbooking paper.

An excellent reason to use layers is to use delicate textured papers such as linen paper that can provide a beautiful elegant look to your greeting card while drawing support from the cardstock. 

Similarly, many kinds of scrapbooking paper with many colors and patterns pair beautifully with greeting cards. 

Mix different papers for a composite greeting card

Another reason to make greeting cards is the fact that you can use different thicknesses and textures of papers to achieve a unique effect. 

By using different colored papers for incorporating a craft such as quilling in your greeting card you will have to use paper slightly thinner than cardstock.

In the same way, you can use any kind of paper for multiple designs to bring together various elements in your craft. By using a shiny thick cardstock you can also add a few cut out objects for letting all your creative juices flow. 

Print images or text on paper of your choice 

When it comes to using different kinds of paper for printing images or texts for your greeting cards, you must first check with your printer for compatibility. 

Printing on thick paper can be a Slightly tricky process which can be handled with patience and following proper instructions.

For example, printing on vellum paper requires you to make sure that you use the printer setting that allows the least amount of ink on the paper and after printing let the paper sit undisturbed for the ink to dry properly. 

At the end of the day, all that really matters is your intention to celebrate friendship day or any other important occasion with a personalized gift such as a greeting card or a paper crafted item. Tell us what you did this friendship day?