Eco-friendly Invitations In 2021

More than ever, now is the time to direct our attention towards everything we can do to make better choices that are safe for our environment. Especially when it comes to using a product like paper that is sourced from an environmentally critical resource like forests, we need to make choices that are in favor of the environment. 

So when you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, you obviously will have to go through the ways to let people know. And if you are keen on being conscious about making eco-friendly choices you may not want to spend on anything for decoration or invites that don't fit the criteria. It may take you a while to process and research all your options that suit your ideas and do not invite a guilt trip for harming the environment. 

To help you make more environmentally conscious choices, we highly recommend the following tips for you to consider: 

Go digital

Yes one of the most obvious choices to reduce your paper usage or completely remove it from celebrations is by going digital.

Every little thing reduces our carbon footprint and by not using paper at any step of the process of inviting people, or their seating charts or save the date, you are clearly without a doubt, saving paper.

If you would like to try this idea then there are some websites that are extremely ingenious at helping you make beautiful wedding invitations and taking off the need for using paper all together. 

Try recycled materials

Even though you have endless options of choosing eco-friendly paper by using recycled paper products you are actively choosing to reduce the need for cutting down new trees. 

For going one step further ahead you can choose paper that is made entirely from consumer waste which means they already make paper from your paper waste, and it will probably recycle the anticipated waste through the same channel again.

You can also go for off-white natural looking darker paper options instead of white bleached colored options which means you have chosen a product that has not undergone extra processing. 

Send postcards

Now that you are ready with your choice of paper you can also reduce the need of paper further by choosing an alternative like postcards.

You end up reducing the cost of making multiple inserts or envelopes by printing some postcards and allow the guests to turn the invite into a lovely keepsake.

Postcards ensure that you are reducing the amount of paper that you might have used, while being perfectly functional and informative invitations.

Print yourself 

When you are choosing a paper from ThunderBolt Paper store such as organic paper or old age paper, for instance, parchment paper or even linen paper for your invites, you choose a beautifull elegant paper for a distinctive appearance and touch too. 

After you are done with making the list of guests and their addresses why not go ahead and print your invites yourself. 

This allows you to cut down the cost of professional printing and save up by mailing the invites yourself. You can let your creative juices flow on the invitations' while making an excellent judicial choice for yourself. 

Try calligraphy

If we have come this far with making better and environmentally conscious choices how about we just reduce the need of printers further by choosing calligraphy for writing the text.

This means you can get the whole process of choosing the paper and hiring a local calligrapher done for much less than the printers.

You might even try learning it yourself  to write down each card yourself making them extra beautiful and special. You can also reduce the chances of using toxic inks by switching to plant based inks. 

Finally, you can feel better about your choices and the contribution you made in thinking positively about environment conservation while actively propagating the idea to your guests as well. Not only do you end up saving a few extra bucks but  also reduce the complications of the whole process of making invitations. 

Why not try reusing decorations or upcycling products that you already own to try some crafty ideas. Tell us what are your plans for the next time you need to ask people to save the date?