Best Tips To Print On Vellum Paper!

There is a possibility that you have heard of vellum paper before, and you know that it's made of animal skin. But for various reasons paper made out of animal skin was discontinued, and more paper products were developed to meet the needs for different kinds of long-lasting paper.  To elucidate, from this point onwards we will be talking about vellum paper which is a modern cellulose-based paper.

What is Vellum Paper?

You may also have come across vellum paper in the form of translucent paper, see-through paper, or tracing paper. Typically, vellum paper is found in two noticeably distinct types one of which is translucent and the other one is opaque. This difference in the appearance of vellum paper occurs in the manufacturing process when air is trapped between cellulose fibers the paper assumes a cloudy opaque appearance. The transparent kind of vellum paper does not have any air trapped.

Where Do We Use Vellum Paper?

Vellum paper available with ThunderBolt papers is a strong transparent and translucent paper that is available in a variety of colors. You can use vellum paper for a variety of crafts, scrapbooking, and printing. A few things that look great with vellum paper are:

  • 3D cut out objects such as butterflies or flowers.
  • Making greeting cards
  • Decorate while Scrapbooking 
  • Try embossing 
  • Printing invitations, business cards, etc. 
  • Translucent envelopes for giving a peek at its contents.

How To Print On Vellum Paper?

Due to the peculiar surface and features of vellum paper, many people wonder how to print anything on it. You can start with an inkjet or laser printer and use vellum paper made specifically for printing. The translucence will increase with the increasing weight of the paper. 

Following are some steps that you can take while printing with vellum paper. 

Step One

The volume paper will load into your printer the same as normal printing paper. You might want to make sure that the vellum has a suitable weight that is required to hold the ink from the printer. 

Step Two 

Adjust the printer to a setting that uses the least amount of ink possible that transfers to the vellum paper. You can choose settings differently in inkjet and laser printers while checking the paperweight option, if available, and choose transparency.

Step Three

Choose the print of the photograph chosen to be printed. Make sure your print will fit onto the vellum paper, resize accordingly.  

Step Four

Then go ahead to printing the photo digital print on vellum paper using the picture view application for the graphics program. 

Step Five

Leave the printed paper in the printer for the next 10-15 minutes. Or pick it up very carefully and lay it on a flat surface to dry. 

Try these tips and tricks for printing on vellum paper

Even though it might look like particularly fancy or thick paper, it isn't that hard to handle. Vellum paper requires special care, instructions, and the following tips to show you its best features. 

  • The foremost thing to check before you start printing on vellum paper is whether your printer has compatibility with vellum paper.
  • As already mentioned, use as little ink on the vellum paper as possible which will ultimately help the ink to dry quicker.
  • Do not forget about the plastic-like finish of vellum paper. After printing let it dry undisturbed on a flat surface. 
  • Print in small batches and allow the printer to cool down after regular intervals for optimum results. 
  • Check if your printer has a setting for choosing the paper type. Since vellum paper is not your regular paper you may want to switch to photo paper or fine art paper. 
  • In terms of laser printers, you will probably have a separate setting that allows you to adjust the weight and thickness to allow better printing. Choosing a lighter weight will help in checking issues such as jamming and quicker loading of paper. 

In conclusion, vellum paper is as good a medium for printing as any, but it may require special treatment for the exceptionally special prints and effects that it produces. The paper looks as beautiful in your scrapbooks and greeting cards as it does with prints. Have you ever tried printing on vellum paper?