Try Kraft Paper For Your Branding In 2021!

When it comes to paper, a lot of us may not realize just how many kinds of papers there are. With every passing day, the consumption of paper products from printing, packaging, or craft is not decreasing by any standard but awareness regarding environmental issues is now encouraging people to choose eco-friendly products. One such versatile paper that is a part of environmentally conscious choice for paper is Kraft paper. 

What exactly is Kraft paper?

The name Kraft paper comes from the Kraft pulping process pioneered in Germany. Kraft translates to strength in German and that is the USP that makes Kraft paper popular.

It is a very sturdy paper that is usually brown, known for its strength and versatility. Almost exclusively Kraft paper has been used in commercial as well as industrial setups. 

Kraft paper has been used for bundling, filling space, and wrapping in the packaging operations. Of late Kraft paper has been making its way towards craft and printing as well.

What are the types of Kraft paper?

There are 6 types of Kraft paper: 

Printed Kraft Paper

Because of the signature brown color and eco-friendly nature, Kraft paper is used for making printed paper branding products, like paper bags, tags, menus etc. Especially in a deli, you may find Kraft paper with its branding being used to wrap food in allows affordable advertising.

White Kraft paper

When Kraft paper is bleached it takes up a crisp and clean white appearance while still being strong and durable. The ThunderBolt White Kraft paper is available in many sizes and a smooth finish to be used for many activities where you would use regular paper. From craft to printing and even packaging white Kraft paper is widely used in many ways.

Colored Kraft Paper

Like most papers, Kraft paper is also available in almost all available colors, making it a popular cost-effective alternative to be used on bulletin boards to scrapbooking, or as regular school supplies.

Black Kraft Paper

With a major application in the picture framing industry black Kraft paper is used almost exclusively to line the back of the photo frames. In situations where a dark background is required, black Kraft paper is a reasonably priced option. A lot of fun and creative Kraft projects can be completed with this colored paper.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

From all other variants, natural recycled Kraft paper is the most environmentally friendly option while remaining strong and doing its role in filling voids in packaging or lining boxes and trays and separating objects.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

This is the strongest variant of all Kraft papers designed for heavy lifting wear and tear. Due to the low cost and fiber content that is clean virgin natural Kraft paper is typically used for branded packaging, pallet interleaving, surface protection, and wrapping.

How is Kraft paper eco-friendly?

Its basic manufacturing process to its basic ingredients and application Kraft paper is one of the most environmentally beneficial papers.

  • While manufacturing Kraft paper the lignin is separated from the cellulose and sulfur content is added. This means the paper is strong and generally safe to use even to pack food in.
  • The Kraft paper undergoes the least amount of treatment, and it contains no bleaching agents. That means the production cost goes down and increases the paper's strength.
  • The Kraft paper used all kinds of wood, including bamboo or resinous pines which are usually excluded through the traditional papermaking process.
  • The absence of lignin during the manufacturing process makes the Kraft paper acid free by default, which can last for a long time.
  • Almost all the ingredients from the manufacturing are reused, making the process self-sustaining in nature.

In many cases where Kraft paper is used instead of expensive glossy papers, it sets an example about your brand being conscious about using environmentally friendly paper. Now that you know so much about the eco-friendly Kraft paper and the variety of ways it can be used, tell us where you plan to use this heavy-duty brown paper next?