Best Use Of Time In 2021- Scrapbooking

When was the last time that you were excited to try a new hobby?

Yes, why not we can have more than one hobby and there is always time to try a new one. And while you are at it, how about you try your hand at paper craft, specifically scrapbooking. 

You may already know, scrapbooking is a paper crafting activity that involves decorating your photos and memorabilia with different varieties of paper scraps.  

If you aren't sure of scrapbooking, then a good suggestion is to watch a YouTube video of someone trying to make a scrapbook with actual scraps of paper. Pieces of paper that come together to look absolutely amazing. 

And, just like beginning any new hobby or favourite activity, one of the first things you might need to know before starting your scrapbooking journey is to be ready. 

Here are a few things scrapbooking beginners must know about: 

  • Start with one step at a time 

  • The foremost thing to start with is to understand that you are going to learn a skill. The wise thing to do will be to allow yourself time and patience to get better with every little project. 

    Arts and crafts are proven to be extremely relaxing while creating something beautiful.

    With each day and every little piece of paper that you attach to your scrapbook you learn the joy of scrapbooking while making beautiful albums of your memories as well. Simply remember to take your time with it. 

  • You need to get the supplies 

  • Of course when you start any new activity and especially hobbies such as scrapbooking you will need to eventually get some supplies.

    One of the things that you might have to start with will be plenty of different kinds of paper. That includes different textures, finishes, thicknesses and colours for scrapbook paper that you will be using in your scrapbook.

    You might also need some strong and thick cover paper such as cardstock or even chipboard sheets that work fine for making stickers as well. 

  • Anything can become a part of your scrapbook 

  • Say you want to pick a photograph and add some memory attached to that photograph onto the scrapbook.  Small photos, tickets and memorabilia can be part of your scrapbook entry.

    Try laces or different patterned papers along with the ribbons to decorate your scrapbook. You can try different things with a variety of appearance ranging from translucent parchment paper to textured linen paper. 

    A lot of these you won't even have to buy, but will find lying around in the house. You can pick up the fancy vellum from the invitation card from a few months ago or we use the words from old greetings, brochures or magazines.

  • Save your scrap paper 

  • Even if you come across some beautiful paper make sure that even the small pieces of paper are saved for later to be used in your scrapbook.

    You can make stickers, name tags, pretty words, photo corners, confetti, corner arrangement or different decorations with all the paper that may not be part of other projects but definitely be used in a scrapbook. 

  • They make your memories come alive 

  • When you will finally look at your photographs, important photographs, important documents or memorabilia displayed and decorated in a scrapbook with all your creative craft ideas you will see how small pieces of beautiful paper can make such a big difference.

    With simple ideas and colourful scrapbook paper along with some more decoration all your memories come together and a life in a scrapbook. Not only do you have a good time while making a scrapbook but you also immortalize a lot of your important days.

  • Scrapbooks make excellent gifts

  • For anyone who enjoys any kind of paper craft understands that paper is a big part of gifting culture. From gift wrap to greeting cards, invitation cards, paper flowers and paper lamps there are endless ways that we can include paper products in gifting rituals. 

    Scrapbook fits right in with an exceptionally heartwarming impression on whoever that you decide to give it to. 

    In the end, we urge you to check out the extensive range of high quality paper and scrapbook paper that can bring all your craft ideas alive. And, we would love to connect with you on our social media platforms or hear your thoughts about your experience with our products.