Make Your Halloween Decorations With Paper Craft

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you as excited as everyone else around this time of the year? 

We are sure there are a lot of us who wait for Halloween all around the year, especially for the decorations and the fun that surrounds this holiday. While growing up Halloween was all about dressing up trick-or-treating and candy but as you grow up you still dress up and enjoy the holiday but in a whole different manner.

Apart from all the fun and family get together, the decorations around Halloween, just like decorating a Christmas tree, is a big part of the tradition that surrounds this day.

And since we are all about paper and decorations at ThunderBolt papers, we would love to share our two bits about Halloween decorations and how we can make the best of choices.

Here are a few things you can try differently this year

  • Plan ahead 

  • As it is important with any event, you can make plans to make sure you know down all the places you wish to decorate or make a mark of Halloween with.

    Especially if you are in a silent competition with your neighbors for Halloween each year, you will probably require getting ready with your ideas way before everybody else. 

    You can make a list of things you can do in the new way or try a few things from before, as long as you measure and decorate each area according to its placement. 

    Which means if you are decorating your porch you may want to try things that are slightly more sturdy but if it's indoors that you're decorating you can go with a lot of paper decorations.

  • Decide the materials to be used

  • At ThunderBolt papers we are big fans of DIY and that's why we encourage you to use all the materials that you already have on you before going out and buying the sayings that you may use only just once a year. 

    Papers and different paper products are inexpensive mediums that can be used to decorate or even recycle the decorations. 

    For outdoor decorations where you might wish to leave out the setup for a few days before Halloween, you can try materials other than paper scores that are more tolerant towards natural forces. 

  • Reuse household items 

  • There are plenty of items in your household that you can reuse with only a little extra effort and materials.

    For example with a little PVA glue along with some newspaper cuttings you can strengthen any cardboard box into a 3D shape. All you need to do is keep the paper clippings in a mixture of water and PVA  glue in equal measures to form a pulp and shape it along the cardboard according to your need, then let it dry. 

    You can also make spooky lights out of chipboard paper boxes or floating lights with the help of kitchen rolls made of cardboard with some string. 

  • Take note of the lighting 

  • Since it's Halloween and you wish to decorate the whole house for a lot of visitors or maybe even host a party only for adults, you would also need to pay attention to the lights around the house.

    You can make beautiful lamp shades for every light source of the house to make a dimly lit spooky atmosphere. You can try to fill up mason jars with fairy lights painted over with faces of scary creatures. 

    After you are done with trick-or-treating, you will probably have one or two of these plastic buckets lying around. This also gives you an opportunity to use the pumpkin shaped plastic buckets as makeshift decorative lamps.

    Or even paint them over with different paints to main scary pumpkin faces and use as corner decorations. 

    In the end, when it comes to making decorations, we may never run out of ideas that include paper products for the things that we already own. Not just paper products, but many things that are lying around the house can be upscaled for decorative pieces. After all, the whole idea of reducing our waste that reaches land mines is crucial for the environment. Let us know your experience with Halloween decorations in the comments or any of our social media handles.