How To Make Your Party Decorations Unique?

When it comes to organizing parties the least or the most we can expect is that people are able to have fun and enjoy themselves. If you organize a party, spend a lot of money on food and  decorations but no one seems to enjoy themselves or talk about it the next day.

Especially in today's time where everybody is so visual due to the omnipresence of cameras, photos and internet at all times organizing a fun party can be a slight cause of pressure for some. Of course no one wants to be popular for the wrong reasons in the age of constant surveillance in the form of cell phones.

So if you are looking forward to some ideas in planning and executing an Instagram worthy party or something that will be exciting online in photos as well as in reality, read on. At ThunderBolt paper, we love all things fun and all things paper so we obviously love parties with decorations.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind as you plan the next best party of your life

Invitation announcement is a must

You should be able to set the tone of the event or make people anticipate the fun they are going to have with the invitation itself. You can try printing some invitation cards with some sun and beautiful papers that resonate with your idea of decorations.

You could of course go paper free and send an email or message with the invitation for the party and the venue but just like a wedding invitation card made of beautiful paper such as vellum paper makes an impression like no email will be able to do.

Must include lots of lights

As already mentioned an Instagram where the party will have to be ready for taking a lot of photographs and looking good at the same time. What can ensure that everything looks as good as possible is providing a lot of visibility with different kinds of lights. Fairy lights are essential in making some of the most beautiful backdrops for exquisite photographs.

If you wish you can use different kinds of lights or table lamps to keep the whole when you uniformly lit at all times. You could also go one step ahead and get a halo lamp that is synonymous with taking brilliantly bright photographs.

Lots of colored paper

When moving on to decorations it is highly necessary that you plan on the layout and theme beforehand so you have to coordinate all the materials to be used for decoration. For example if you decide on a spring floral theme then using a lot of coloured paper flowers in decoration is the easiest way to make an idyllic decoration of the venue.

For that matter we have been using a lot of crepe paper all these years in the form of thin strips stuck to the walls for all kinds of gatherings and parties. You can use crepe paper to create a variety of decorative ornaments of different shapes or sizes.  By using a lot of similar colours in crepe papers you can create a unique theme and impression for your guest as well.

Make a photo booth or wall

One of the best ways you can make your party exceptionally Instagram worthy is by creating a photo booth that is meant only for taking photos. You can include a theme to create the background of your photo booth or create a life size polaroid frame that people can hold for taking photos.

You can make both a photo booth or photographic wall, the polaroid frame or simply a designated area for photos by using a lot of chipboard sheets and different kinds of thick paper such as Cardstock to make almost any kind of decoration that will not crumble on its own weight. This is a good way that you can ensure all the photos have a uniform background or a certain uniformity when they show up over the social media.

Furthermore, you can make your drinks or even food to match your amazing looking decoration for the ultimate insta worthy party ever. We would love to see if you use these ideas in your parties or get togethers to see how it turned out for you. Let us know in the comments or any of our social media channels, including instagram. Have you ever tried decorating a party?