Does The Digital Age Need Paper Calendars?

Does it ever happen to you when you wish to know what time it is or what day is it for quick reference on your phone and without any reason you spend anything between 10 minutes to an hour scrolling through your phone mindlessly?

 That probably happens to the best of us these days as the phones are probably designed to keep them constantly hooked to the screens. But thankfully we still have wrist watches as a much appreciated accessory the same way that we still have paper calendars or dorning or houses and offices telling us the days and months without fail.

When it comes to calendars, even if you may think that they are probably a thing of the past because of the overbearing presence of screens all around us, but, at ThunderBolt paper, we are here to tell you calendars are very much still here. If you are looking for a few reasons to consider using a calendar or perhaps printing of you for your office we can help you familiarize yourself with the wonderful ways of calendars.

Easy accessibility of reminders

Everyday we come across something or the other that we need to remind ourselves of enough days or months. The important appointments especially the ones with the doctors that take a lot of difficulty to be scheduled cannot be missed or forgotten off.

Calendars are an excellent medium to have all your appointments and schedules available at one glance in the clear site of your desk bedroom wall or the kitchen like all of us used to have while going up.

Even though your phone or your computer may be just as easily available for access they are usually dependent on factors such as electricity or batteries, but to check a calendar made of paper and cardboard paper, you have to simply turn at a few pages.

Quick glance at availability

The direct comparison of paper calendars is with that of technology based in computers tablets or cell phones that are ubiquitous today.

After noting down all your important dates, appointments, reminders and availability a calendar provides you an efficient display of your schedule and time perhaps just as well as a calendar application would do on your phone or devices.

Especially to track progress of new habits such as exercising or waiting for a special event, calendars are just as efficient as reminding you everything at a single glance rather than going through various applications or settings.

Planning helps ease anxiety

As you find yourself looking at a calendar and checking all the dates and you are available tea for a short number of days or weekends you are able to plan things better.

That means using a calendar allows you to visualize everything in advance and plan with as much detail as you can to avoid last minute confusion.When we are able to plan things and our time in advance it allows us to reduce anxiety by providing us a sense of control and ultimate relief as everything goes according to plans.

Calendars because of their quick accessibility and easy availability can help amazingly at streamlining your schedules are amazing tools for productivity.

Calendars are beautiful decorations

Since calendars are an excellent marketing or promotional tool along with a paper gift idea, a lot of us can still find calendars making their way to our homes and offices as gifts more than purchases. And because of the fat that calendars are something you look at repeatedly while on display they are usually made up to be presentable.

Using a variety of thicknesses and kinds of paper from coated to uncorded card stock used for a variety of printing calendars are often paired with beautiful images and picturesque animals, sceneries, nature or people.

A lot of us had beautiful calendars adorning our walls and adding to the beautiful things we like in our homes simply based on the beautiful imagery and selection of photos done exclusively for the calendar that changes with each month.

As we already know calendars are an indispensable part of our lives we would love to know the significance of a calendar in your life. We would love to hear about your experiences, preferences and opinions about your calendars or even share favorites if any. Have you looked at a calendar today?