Know This Before Printing Invitation Cards

Now and then we keep coming across something or the other that requires a proper invitation. Sometimes the occasion is so special and so once in a lifetime that you need just the most perfect invitation for the same.

Especially at a time when you wish to make a mark on all your guests about not trusting the importance of the occasion but also to make an impression that this is not any other ordinary event they are being invited to. So how do you choose the paper for a situation that is very unique and requires just as unique and impressive an invitation?

At ThunderBolt Paper, we would love to introduce you to the few possibilities that you can keep in mind while choosing the best paper meant for your invitation cards, because impressions matter the most. For all the things you need to keep in mind before choosing a good choice of paper for you, here are a few basics first.

Things to keep in mind while choosing invitation card paper

There are many features of paper that you can decide over according to your designs before selecting your prints or invitation cards.

Paper features

One thing you know about paper by now is that it can come in many colors, patterns, thicknesses and weights along with sizes.

For invitation cards, as the name suggests, you require paper that is thick in the cardstock range of weights. The cardstock range begins from 220 GSM to 400 GSM and usually higher GSM refers to higher weight and thickness of paper.

You could also go through different colors that you may like for the card stock along with the texture that suits you. Any kind of paper that has a slight tactile quality such as linen paper or cotton fiber paper, it brings a unique elegance to your invitation cards.


You could begin looking at your options in terms of the kind of paper that you will be using for your invitation cards based on your budget. It goes without saying that the more beautiful paper or thicker paper with any kind of unique property such as a texture or even a paper finish will be slightly more expensive than your regular paper.

With the kind of printing or artwork that you would like on your invitation cards, your budget can significantly rise. You could decide to print yourself at home after doing the proper research, only if you require just a few invitations.

Especially if you are interested in customizing your invitation cards according to the recipient with some calligraphy, you must consider paper such as smooth finish paper that is suitable with the artwork that you plan to do later.


It's not necessary that you have to go through the thickest and  heaviest cardstock for your invitation cards. As already mentioned, invitation cards or card stock are a wide range of paper weights.

So, even if you do require a heavy paper, you don't need to go overboard and buy expensive cardstock when you can find perfectly suitable invitation cards in your range.

Moreover, if you are planning to print a few invitation cards for a private party at home, you will really need to check with your printer's specifications to find the range of paper weight it is compatible with.


There are some very clear advantages and disadvantages of coated as well as uncoated paper. You must go through a suitable paper type, a kind of finish and then decide if you would rather have a coated or an uncoated version of the same paper.

If you wish to print everything on your invitation cards along with some sharp images and shiny appearance, go with coated paper cardstock. But if you wish to get some soft edged printing with an option to write on the invitations, you must side with uncoated cardstock paper such as linen finish paper.

Finally, it is really not that difficult or an overwhelming process to find the right kind of paper with all the desirable qualities that you may be looking for in your invitation cards. But take your time to explore, research and decide your choice to make the best kind of impression. And we are sure that you only go through the decision-making process once, and you know what to do next time. Have you tried shopping for invitation cards?