Know Your Bond Paper And It’s Uses

One of the most common places to use plain white paper is as copy paper for basic printing. For any printing needs at home or at work, we use a lot of white paper of varying thicknesses. But when you need to make a print for your report or resume, and you need to use something slightly more impressive than the common copy paper, what do you use?

The answer is Bond paper. Chances are you're already using bond paper regularly but may not be aware of why you prefer it over copy paper. Bond paper is a high quality, durable, thick paper with high opacity, made of almost entirely cotton rags, making it a perfectly impressive paper for everyday colored or black and white printing.

Here at ThunderBolt Paper, we are huge fans of all kinds of paper that is available in a range of paper weights meant for bond paper. In fact, most papers can be found in different paper weights or sizes, and bond paper is, at the very basic level, a paper with a specific weight.

Here are a few places bond paper is perfectly suitable for

Professional printing

As already mentioned, bond paper is a relatively thicker paper available in paperweights 60 g/m2, 75 g/m2 and 90g/m2. This mix bond paper is suitable for all kinds of professional printing that you require to look clean and impressive.

You can get clear and sharp colored prints in high resolution on coated or uncoated bond paper along with high resolution texts as well, making all your professional printing stand out.

For anything that you may not need cardstock while needing professional prints, bond paper shines through

Official documents

The most basic and prescribed use for bond paper was all sorts of official documents such as employment contracts, legal documents, lease agreements etc.

High quality durable bond paper makes works well for all places you need your paper to look good while displaying all the text clearly.

Bond paper is also popularly for watermarking for your brand or your company's stationary, or letter heads.

Paper craft 

Bond paper was so called because of its prime used in printing legal documents or bonds.

 Today bond paper is available in many colors and is perfectly suitable for a variety of paper craft such as making ornaments, paper flags, paper flowers or anything you may think of.

Because of the high quality and strength of the bond paper, it is also used to make airplane models as well.


Bond paper is absolutely perfect for all kinds of paper folding craft also known as origami.

Bond paper holds up the shape and can tolerate a clean folding and bending without crumbling down, helping the origami structures hold up perfectly.

Since all colors can be found in bond paper weights, you can explore multiple options without having to compromise on quality or strength of your origami structures.


Wallpaper is made of cotton rags and recycled paper content and if you are looking for a safe sustainable paper option for practicing drawing, bond paper is your best bet.

Even though it's not too thick for painting or wet mediums, you can use smooth white bond paper for all kinds of sketching, acrylic colors or crayons.

The translucent variety of bond paper is suitable for making blueprints math for drawings with pencils or markers.


If you require making a few quick invitations or print colorful flyers or a product catalog without reaching for cardstock or expensive paper, bond paper performs excessively well.

For that matter, anything that you might need to present without going overboard with your paper budget, you can use Bond paper.

The next time, you are unsure of what your prints may look like, pick up some bond paper to do a test run before going for the expensive version of any paper. Beautiful bond parchment paper might just be the best kind of paper you may need for your next paper project. We would love to hear what all you like to use bond paper for in the comments. Have you used bond paper before?