Know Your Graduation Certificates Paper

If photographs are a way of keeping memory of important moments of life then certificates are also something similar. Throughout our lifetime we are particularly careful of keeping certificates neatly in a file folder covered in plastic covers to be used anywhere that you require over the years. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we understand the enormous importance of certificates throughout our lives and that's why we are using a platform to help you understand the basics of certificates. Especially if you wish to print a few certificates of your own or need to get a bigger batch of certificates printed professionally this can be an excellent help.  

Here is what you need to know about certificates, starting from the significance of certificates itself. 

Why do we need certificates?

No matter how old or young you are, receiving a certificate is definitely a special moment. Especially when you're a student, and you get a certificate along with cheers and applause at a graduation ceremony is one of the most significant moments of student life. Certificates can also serve following purposes. 


At any given point of your career in college or work space, getting a certificate as a proof of a promotion for getting a certain title or credit for a milestone, makes it all the more worthwhile. Getting the credit works as a proof of diligence and of course, record keeping. 


A shiny certificate with your name written on it along with significant recognition can be not only a reminder of your hard work bringing fruitful results but also to move forward in the direction of progress. Recognition is a very important motivator in social settings such as a workplace or school and certificates fill the purpose. 


Even if you have a child in kindergarten who wishes to acknowledge the hard work of an employee for a particular project, a wonderful way to introduce reward for positive reinforcement and encouragement are certificates. 

Of course you can use certificates for personal reasons too, such as the best husband or father certificate on occasion. 

What are different kinds of certificates?

Even though there isn't any formal distinguishing features between different kinds of certificates you can however differentiate certificates based on their end use. 

Standard certificates

These are all the certificates that you find commonly associated with academics are professional achievements. All certificates are usually cardstock form of any kind of paper having weight more than 200 gsm. These usually have very little amount of design, drawings or colors and maintain a formal appearance. 

Gift certificates

The whole idea of gift certificates is that it should be on beautiful thick paper and it should tolerate a bit of wear and tear. That is why most certificates use thick cardstock variants to ensure your longevity of the certificate. 

Mini award certificate

Now these certificates can be customized according to the need and can be usually printed in the size and quantity that you may need to provide award or recognition of any scale. Regardless of the kind of the certificate, make sure that you use acid free paper that does not turn brittle or yellow with the passage of time. 

Informal certificates

The certificates are similar to greeting cards and can work their way into almost anything. Tell your loved ones what you appreciate about them with a personalized colorful certificate that can be cherished forever.

What is the best paper for a certificate? 

Even though you can use about any kind of paper in its cardstock weight or variant for making certificates you can however consider the following options.

Linen Paper 

Because of its unique linen fabric like finish paper is a popular choice for printing certificates. Not only linen paper  is easy to work with but also carries a beautiful and elegant appearance that mimics the tactile properties of linen paper. 

Parchment Paper 

Parchment paper cardstock also scores high marks when it comes to using it in printing certificates because of its unusual cloudy appearance but also its moisture and tear resistant properties. Parchment paper that looks like vintage parchment also proves to be an excellent option for printing certificates. 

Granite paper 

A beautiful coated paper that emulated the appearance and ultra smooth finish of the granite is also one of the the unique choices for printing certificates of any kind. 

While we encourage everyone to try everything that can be dealt with at home it's important to understand the different kinds of paper and their properties in terms of your printer when it comes to making certificates. Make sure that you go through the information provided above and let us know your experience with certificates. Have you ever tried making a certificate on your own?