Sustainability | The Need To Use Recycled Paper

Do you ever wonder how much trash or waste you alone contribute to? With all the single use items around us, we tend to contribute to a lot of wastage. We can find endless ways plastic has made its way permanently into our lives. Since we are aware of its repercussions now, more than ever, we must begin to look for more sustainable choices for everything. 

At ThunderBolt Paper, we are exceptionally conscious of choosing and promoting environmentally sustainable products so that we can do our bit in saving the environment. We understand the need to use and encourage paper products or practices that contribute to our sustainability mission which is why we focus on recycling. 

If you are particularly interested and feel strongly about making basic changes in reducing your waste, or practicing better habits that contribute to saving the environment, read on. We begin with discussing what exactly is sustainability and how we can make it a part of our paper projects. 

What is sustainability?

Even though it may be difficult to explain in a few words what exactly is sustainability, at the very basic level it is the act of making sure the future generations have all the natural resources intact for their use as well. That means no actions that we take today should be causing long term damage for our future generations' normal living. 

Sustainability is an ideology e or set of values that is shed and propagated by many organizations and individuals who believe in living responsibly by keeping these resources safe for our future generations just as they are available to us.

One of the ways that we can practice sustainability, for example, is by reducing the amount of trash we produce everyday.  That means using and reusing our resources without contributing to non-biodegradable trash in the land mines.      

How can we make our paper projects more sustainable?

Since we are on the topic of making more sustainable choices, at ThunderBolt paper, we are always looking forward to introducing sustainable choices at every level that we can.

You can also make your paper projects more sustainable by choosing the following options: 


Paper is one material that can be recycled several times before being discarded. By choosing to recycle you contribute to reducing the usage of trees in the paper production process as well as take care of your paper waste responsibly. 

You might need to educate yourself on different kinds of paper and if they are recyclable or not. Recycled parchment paper, cardboard or chipboard are made from recycled paper and can be 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Coated paper or bleached linen paper on the other hand may require a little treatment and need separation. 


That applies to cartoon loads of ornaments and decorations that we put up every festive season. You can make sure that you don't buy new decorations each time by reusing what you already have as many times as you can before recycling. 

This also applies to any scraps of paper that you may have which can be used in different projects with only a little improvisation than buying new paper each time. 


A lot of times we end up with a lot of paper products at our homes which can be repurposed into another kind of paper project with only a little effort. For example the holiday season brings many boxes and wrapping paper that can be saved and used again for your turn to give away gifts or for the next holiday season gift shopping. You can also repurpose things like greeting cards or parchment paper envelopes easily for paper jackets where you may need it. 

How to practice sustainability?

Even though we may have focused on sustainability for paper products above we can also practice sustainability in all aspects of life as follows. 

Opt for environmentally conscious

One of the most important things you can do about saving our environment is by choosing products or services that do not cause harm to the environment. That means reducing the amount of trash and focusing on things that are biodegradable. 

Try reusing 

By using anything that we can reuse we choose to not bi more than we need and hoard more than we want. From containers to clothes the more we buy the more we throw in trash which ultimately ends up in landmines. 

Keep an eye for plastics

Plastics have made its way into everything and  by choosing to use more plastic we are again choosing more trash that is not degradable in nature. From straws to food packaging or even our clothes everything contains one form or another of plastic and by reducing the amount of plastic that we use we make environmentally sustainable choices. 

In the end we understand that sustainability cannot be simply one person's responsibility and need to be practiced in a much larger context to see noticeable change. But only when we educate ourselves and others around us can we begin to save the environment for ourselves and our future generations as it is. Have you started to make sustainable choices?