Poster Paper And Its Legacy In Advertising

Have you ever noticed just how many pieces of information are conveniently displayed over visible flat surfaces that you come across on your way to commute or even inside the mall?

You would have surely spotted many of these striking posters of all sizes sticking to the walls and billboards displaying a variety of information that is meant to grab your attention. They are essentially unavoidable and usually deliver results.

Posters have been a major part of advertising for a very long time, but now they are being used for education, decoration, printing, and crafting and poster paper is designed specifically for this purpose.

So, What exactly is poster paper?

The poster paper is a larger size than the regular letter size paper and can go up to a variety of increasing range of sizes.

It has unique dimensions

At the very basic level, poster paper is a specific dimension of paper that is standardized by the printing industry for posters. Size 12x18 inches is Slightly bigger than the tabloid size which is why it is also known as tabloid extra size.

It is multipurpose.

This paper is usually thick and smooth, making it suitable for printing but only with a specific printer that is compatible with this paper's weight specifications. The same smooth surface of this kind of paper makes excellent materials for calligraphy, scrapbooking, and other craft projects.

It is thick and bright

This paper is of the perfect thickness for making posters and enduring the usual wear and tear. The bright white color allows a clear representation of colors and a very impressive presentation. Thunderbolt brings you 12x18 inches of poster paper which are also known as the Tabloid Extra size perfect for your poster-making projects and a confident 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Poster paper is available in different types:

  • Bond

This is a high-quality environment-friendly 100% recycled paper that is available for your posters.

  • DayGlo

With their bright and glowing properties, this paper is specially used for displaying fluorescent colors

  • Gloss

Available in different paperweights, this paper provides a glossy sheen to your poster giving it a clean eye-catching property.

  • Lightbox

Usually observed in movie theaters or cinemas, this kind of paper is used for movie posters illuminated by a backlight.

It is economical

When it comes to sending a message across to people through posters, LED billboards are much more expensive than a conventional paper billboard. And since the advertising space is frequently given out to various advertisers at once, your product or message may get a very small time window for display at a high cost.

They last a long time

By making sure that whenever you're buying poster paper for your project it is of the archival kind or in plain terms, acid or lignin-free, you help your poster last for longer. This means that the poster and hard work on the project will not be susceptible to destruction due to environmental reasons. This improves the longevity and the prolonged address of the message or artwork displayed by the poster.

Why do we need posters?

The foremost reason that we require posters is to grab attention. The possibilities of finding creative ways to display information are endless. Whether it is an important presentation or a new product being advertised, posters allow us to display information however that is most effective. From being an excellent source of delivering information to be consumed at any pace, posters are always used to enlarge the area for visibility.

No matter how much we are engrossed with the digital age, paper is here to stay and posters are here to do their part of the job. Tell us about an exceptionally striking poster that you saw recently?