Scrapbook Paper For Scrapbooking In 2021!

With the smartphone and multiple social media applications, do you ever wonder what will happen to your photos that you really keep piling up taking space in your phone or perhaps an external storage device? 

If you are like everybody else then the probability of these photos ever coming out of your phone other than social platforms is slim. If only there was a way to record your memories when they are fresh, because who knows what we might forget over the years. 

How about making a scrapbook of memories?

A scrapbook is a collection of your photos, with interesting information or anecdotes decorated with memorabilia or tokens.

Not only would it help you solidify a lot of your favorite moments that you can see whenever you like without having to search for them, you can maintain memories way longer than the digital database.

Alongside it is so much fun! You can even include kids in this activity, help them collect and tell little stories about photos along with colorful scrapbook paper. 

It is such an amazing activity to socialize with your family enjoying quality time cementing memories onto paper. 

The origin of scrapbooking

What was initially only a documentation of recipes, memorable tickets or greeting cards, scrapbooking went off to become a great craft activity that allows you to maintain an extensive family history that includes photos.

It is a choice of paper craft that becomes an excellent bonding exercise among family and friends creating and preserving memories together. Imagine putting some of your favorite photos onto paper along with the story behind it, decorating it with awesome scrapbooking paper. You end up finding a forever home for your photos and memories making scrapbooks conducive to many interesting conversations. 

Even small scraps of beautiful paper such as vintage scrapbook paper can be used to make shapes and figures in your scrapbook. 

Exciting ideas to try with scrapbook paper.

If you find yourself inspired to try scrapbooking for the first time but seem to be at a loss for ideas, here are a few ways to start your scrapbooking journey.

  • Decorate your photos.

This is, of course, one of the first things to do with scrapbook paper, is to decorate or frame your photos in your scrapbooks. Scrapbook paper can come in handy while making backgrounds. If you are making a collage of photos, a bigger sheet of scrapbook paper can help you bring everything together.

  • Make some fancy tape 

Take double-sided tape, and stick patterned scrapbook paper on one side giving you a fancy tape to use for borders or fixing your photos. You can use any kind of paper to make this tape that will look similar to washi tapes for you to use in all your crafts' decoration or sticking on walls.

  • Try a new phone case

You will need to start with a clear phone case. Start with tracing the shape of the case on the paper, carefully cut out the space for camera and logo according to the phone case. Place the cutout inside the phone case. With different kinds of papers, colors and textures you have a self-made new phone case every day. 

  • Make pockets for memorabilia in notebooks 

You can use thicker paper for this purpose. By folding paper into a pocket like envelope or any shape in your journals for important papers or memorabilia. Or on your task board for keeping pens or pencils. You can even put small envelopes on your scrapbook to attach small items related to the photos or memorabilia. 

  • Make greeting cards 

Almost all kinds of paper, be it patterned, transparent or textured, can be used in scrapbooking activities providing a wide range of themes and textures to your craft work like greeting cards. A slightly thicker paper such as cardstock goes very well with scrapbook paper which can be of varying thicknesses. 

Finally, let your imagination run wild and try all the same things that you can do with paper to do with scrapbook paper. ThunderBolt Papers brings you premium quality acid free scrapbook paper in a variety of bright colors and 7 sizes to start your scrapbooking journey. 

Then what are you waiting for? Get started on your scrapbooking journey and let us know what exciting things you made.