Reusing Is Necessary For Recycling

If you are alive and well in today's world, there is hardly any chance of living in today's world and never coming across the term recycling. The need to conserve our natural resources as it is for our future generations as they are available for us is the prime need of the hour for each and every human being. 

That is the reason, at ThunderBolt Paper, as much as we like to speak about paper products and the endless ways to incorporate paper in paper craft, we take every opportunity available to educate you about the imminent need for recycling as well. 

Recycling is a process of reusing all the materials available to us so that there is less trash to be thrown away in landfills. The biggest purpose of recycling is that we keep the state of the earth as natural as possible and clean up the trash without adding to it.

Here are a few ways you can learn to recycle and reuse your paper too

Reuse your copy paper

Rather than buying new dreams of copy paper because of multiple one-sided copies being made every day, set your printer to print on both sides. 

You can reuse your one-sided copy paper by printing on the other side. Simple actions like these along with mindful use of the paper in the office or home space can not only reduce the amount of copy paper that you buy, but also reduce the amount of trash that ends up in your garbage bags. 

One can also reduce the need to use copy paper by simply using digital copies more often and limiting the need to print documents to absolutely necessary. 

Repurpose cardstock

We come across cardstock in too many ways around us, which includes the usual greeting cards, recycled chipboard paper or catalog books. You may not be aware but uncoated cardstock is easy to recycle but coated and printed cardstock are the ones that have ink on them are slightly difficult to recycle. 

Although much cannot be done with printed or coated cardstock, you can find ways to repurpose them by finding a suitable cover or a layer of paint over them.

This means you should be able to repurpose the suitable cardstock that you have into making things such as greeting cards, decorative stickers and bookmarks for name tags from the different kinds of cardstock around you.  

Don't buy sticky notes

Rather than buying a lot of notes that can stick on different surfaces, you can find yourself any piece of paper that can be written on from your paper waste and then cut them into any size you like. 

We usually don't need as many sticky notes as we tend to buy them because they look so cute and colorful! To turn these pieces of paper into sticky notes, you can use a double-sided tape where needed for repurposed sticky notes. Always remember, reusing is a crucial part of conservation of resources and recycling.

Alternative to gift wrapping paper

We do have a lot of gift-wrapping paper simply lying around the house because of all the gifts we receive throughout the year, especially the holiday season. One way to reuse all the wrapping paper is as gift wrapping paper itself or for different decorative ideas or as part of paper craft paper. 

You can however use any other kind of paper that is typically not used for gift wrapping paper such as newspaper or Kraft paper. You can simply use alternatives to decorate the gift without obsessing over what people may think and reuse whatever you can.

Repurpose waste paper

You can shred your waste paper to be used as an alternative to plastic packaging material. 

If you are someone who needs packaging material on the regular, and you tend to use plastic packaging material, then you can try shredded waste paper instead.

 And if you are looking for larger scale packaging material, go for Kraft paper which is made from sustainable recycled materials and processes. Kraft paper honeycomb is an excellent choice for sustainable and biodegradable packaging material. 

What matters at the end of the day is how you remember to reuse and recycle your resources and materials for more sustainable choices. You can not only recycle all your chipboard or cardboard boxes into making paper craft projects, but by being mindful of your choices you can reuse a lot of paper products. Tell us in the comments, how do you recycle and reuse your waste?