Scrapbooking With Linen Paper In 2021

Cell phones and social media have changed the way we view our memories and photographs. We might feel that there is no point in printing them since the only way they are important is if they are getting recognition and likes on social media.

But you cannot keep looking at a screen going through hundreds of photos just to revisit your favourite memories. That is where printing photos comes as extremely handy. Not only can you get a quick glance on your photos whenever you like, you can also choose to make decorative displays as per your whim or fancy. 

Paper crafts such as scrapbooking is also one such excellent medium of making all your favourite memories and tokens of important days become part of a book or album with proper story or notes for reference. No phone or screen will be able to tell you the story behind the photos. 

So, for your first scrapbooking project, titled seasons greetings or Halloween 2021 or your child's first birthday, you can start your journey with paper craft and the ultimate pleasure of Scrapbooking. 

Make sure to pack up on the following materials to start with: 


At the very basic level, scrapbooking is the process of decorating your photos and memorabilia in an album or loose sheets to become a small book.

You can choose to buy albums meant for scrapbooking or you can buy loose sheets and then tie them up all together as per your convenience with thick cardstock or chipboard paper for a cover and that you can customise as you like. 

Further, pick a theme or a set of photos that you plan to print and decorate with paper scraps. 

Sheet protectors

You can buy sheet protectors or separating sheets that go between two pages of the scrapbook. They can be made of plastic that covers the whole sheet of paper. 

You can also insert other kinds of paper such as parchment paper in between two pages to protect the photos or the craft work from getting spoiled or disturbed. 

Cutting tools 

This goes without saying but when it comes to papercraft one of the basic needs will be a sharp cutting tool. You may not necessarily need to buy specialised tools as long as you have a good sharp pair of scissors. 

But for cutting precise sections or shapes you can use a scalpel or try a specialised scissor for cutting of borders. 


Another obvious need for working with paper is an adhesive. If you want your artwork or your craft to last for a long time you should invest in an acid free adhesive that does not change or become yellow as it interacts with the environment over time. 

You can try a variety of products as per your preference that are meant to be used with photos such as photo tips that are safe for photos as well as the paper. 

Die cuts

If you have ever seen a sticker or a word that has been neatly cut around its shape then you have probably seen a die cut sticker. 

Die cuts are essentially cut paper shapes that you can use in a die cutting machine to make stickers. They are usually available in precut packs. 


Paper is usually the most exciting material of scrapbooking. You get to explore and decide amongst an endless choice of printed, coloured or textured papers of different thicknesses to be used for different effects in your scrapbook. 

At ThunderBolt Paper, you can choose from an array of paper products from brightly coloured scrapbooking paper to elegant and translucent vellum paper for your scrapbook project. 


You will be required to keep the acid free requirement in terms of pens as well. You can explore a range of pens that are specialised to be used for writing over photographs without affecting the quality of the photo paper. 

Acid free ink does not change colour or fade away over the period of time helping you extend the overall life of your paper craft. 


Thanks to the availability of cameras in everyone's hands these days you will be required to choose from hundreds of photos.

A good tip to follow is not to use any high quality paper for your first scrapbook because you are expected to make mistakes and you wouldn't want to waste good quality photo paper on just practicing. 

Instead try to print scanned copies on a good quality paper that is suitable for printing clean photos but is more affordable than photo paper.

As you pick up on your scrapbooking hobby you will be introduced to a variety of paper crafts and materials that you can incorporate into your scrapbook. From stencils to stamps or paper flowers, you can literally use anything in your scrapbooks without the fear of overdoing it. Of course, as long as you follow the basic rule of less is more.

We would love to hear of your experience with our products and scrapbooking as a craft in your comments.