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Having so much time at hand during and after the pandemic led a lot of us to try and find some relaxing hobbies to try at home. Many people tried their hand for the first time at something creative. At the same time many people gave their favourite hobbies another chance.

So many people picked up a hobby and turned it into a means of expressing themselves over the internet. This is probably a good reason and probably the best time in history to witness more and more people turning to paper craft.

If you also find yourself being inspired to take up papercraft for the first time or maybe hone your skills a bit more with paper craft. The only problem that remains then, is to decide where to start from.

Here is a list of most loved paper crafts at ThunderBolt Paper that are readily available for you to choose from. 


You have probably been introduced to quilling in the form of thin strips of paper rolled to form various shapes and designs.

Many different kinds and colours of paper are coiled, twisted, looped and rolled to make up shapes and designs that decorate greeting cards or make elaborate decorative display art. 

One of the most interesting features of quilling is that you don't even need many paper supplies to begin working on a project. Simply remember to keep the usage of adhesive at the minimum and you will see designs become art in no time. 


There is no denying the fact that scrapbooking has been around for many years now and is enjoyed by many people to turn memories into beautiful displays. 

The name itself suggests that you use all pieces of scrapbook paper or any scrap paper that you can find and incorporate your ideas along with your photos and memorabilia to make scrapbooks.

Different kinds, colours, textures and thickness of paper is used in scrapbooking for decoration and protection of your photos through the process. For example, cover paper makes an excellent protective cover for your album and old age parchment paper makes a great background. 

Making greeting cards 

You have probably received and given plenty of greeting cards all your life. You already may have tried making greeting cards while you were in school on certain occasions. As an adult you can also invest your time in starting to make handmade greeting cards. 

All you will need is to pick up thick paper such as cardstock or chipboard paper as the base of your card. Then go on to draw their other kinds of paper along with crafting techniques such as embossing or spray paint on your greeting cards for endless decorative possibilities. 

Just like any other paper craft, making greeting cards is also one such relaxing hobby that can come in handy whenever you might have an occasion to send a greeting card yourself. 


Even though today you might find a lot of folding activities to be referred as origami, it is originally the Japanese art of folding paper. 

A Lot of people have learnt to make simple folding games while growing up but hardly practice it to make the truly intricate shapes one can make. 

Simply start with any kind of plain or coloured paper that you can find to begin your origami journey and make sure to follow some books or videos for tutorials. 

Making stickers 

Thick paper such as cardstock, cover paper, or even chipboard paper is of ideal thickness with required amount of strength for making stickers.

Especially to make stickers from a die cut machine, thick papers or cardstock varieties of many papers are preferred and recommended for best results. 

Investing in a die cutting machine can be your first step towards a long journey of paper crafting and making stickers to be used in greeting cards decorations or scrapbooking. 

Paper flowers

Making flowers probably may be the easiest paper craft. You simply have to know how to cut some specific shapes and then start making flowers from any kind of paper that you can find. 

Starting from thin or delicate looking paper such as crepe paper or thin vellum paper you can start cutting, folding and pasting your flowers. 

Thanks to the internet you can find literally endless tutorial videos and articles that can help you make exquisite flowers without even needing some exceptional talent. 

Of course, you can choose any kind of paper craft that you like to start your journey but we are pretty sure that you will not be able to turn your back anytime soon. Let us know your favourite paper craft in the comments below.