Sustainability, Solving Humankind's Problems

If you are a moderately or well-informed human being in today's world, you will surely have come across words such as climate change, water soil or air pollution, global warming and also sustainable practices. With the current situation of how climate has changed by only one or 1.5 degrees warming of normal temperature, we are already witnessing ghastly effects of the same.

But do you wonder why we need sustainability is the proposed and much discussed solution for working with, or going as far as to say, recovering from damages caused by climate change? If your answer is yes, then here is the article for you, helping you understand sustainability and the benefits of sustainable practices.

At ThunderBolt paper, we understand the ways paper production and sourcing is also part of the sustainability narrative, and we are continuously updating ourselves with what we need to do to make the best sustainable choices. Here are the major ways we need sustainability in our lives at a global scale.

Protect and preserve the environment

To begin with, sustainability and its very essence,  in this particular context, refers to sustaining ecological balance and pursuing a safe environment for every living being. So essentially, sustainability at this moment of history means to change our ways and preserve whatever is left of everything given to us by nature.

That means switching to practices such as planting more trees, recycling, reusing and repurposing to reduce the amount of trash in the landfills, and ultimately lesser soil pollution.

By using products that are safe for the environment and do not cause long term deficit in the natural resources, we help take pressure off of them.

Or by using products such as tree less paper, we help save trees that are used for making paper and help maintain the forests and the surrounding ecosystems.

Save resources for the future generations

Sustainability encourages the judicial usage of all the renewable as well as non-renewable resources available to us so that we are able to use them without having to deprive our future generations from the same. For example, by ensuring that we are not polluting the water sources, forests or the air with our everyday practices we can make the future just as wonderful or resourceful for the future generations as it is for us.

By moving to renewable energy sources such as wind, water or solar energy we can power a lot of our needs over extensively and endlessly, without bringing any pollution that is caused by using non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum or coal for energy generation. This is what sustainable environmental practices can achieve for our generations to come.

Helps bring positive changes to health

As we move on towards better environmental conditions, we are able to help the environment and nature heal and reduce the amount of toxicity from our surroundings. This gradual shift to clean water, with fresh air and less pollution inadvertently helps in improving the overall health of the community.

This is how sustainability can be the only way to live through the future to ensure an excellent quality of life, regardless of one's resources or economic status. Sustainability improves what is free and should be available free for everyone, which ultimately helps everyone.

Contributes to economic growth and development

As you might be understanding by now, sustainability basically includes a lot of ways to change the current way of living or doing many things and changing them slowly towards other ways that keep environmental health at its center. Now, you cannot bring about massive changes by simply recycling your everyday trash or sorting your trash for composting for the plants in your garden.

 It is rather a manual for larger populations, corporations and industries to bring about a shift in their everyday practices that continue to harm the environment. This means finding new ways to find development, but not at the cost of harming nature or environment.

This translates to a lot of research and of course new jobs that will ultimately contribute to overall economic development.

It is, after all, each of our responsibility to help save the environment and improve the living conditions not just for us but also for the generations to come. Whether it is by choosing to recycle are paper consumption switching to Kraft paper for chipboard sheets because of their recycled production, or by switching to environmental safe products for your business, we can contribute one way or  another in a sustainable future. Have you tried to adopt any sustainable practices?