Try Nature Photography Like A Pro In 2023

When it comes to having hobbies, there are so many that let you try and explore your interests. They can be an extension to your existing favorite pastimes, or may even extend to your work or professional career.

One such hobby that merges its dimensions in both excellent pastime activity and noteworthy career opportunities is photography. You can have a range so wide for your subjects that you may never run out of possible ideas to carry out. Photography is so much more than capturing the right moment colour or angle, and having a compact camera in your phone always at your disposal is a positive motivator to begin anytime, anywhere.

So if you may be looking forward to trying photography or taking your activity to the next level with this article we provide you a few ways that can help you not only make up your mind but also inspire your creativity. Especially, if you are looking forward to spending more time outdoors trying to capture the best that nature has to offer us, read on.

Begin with what you have

Everyone or anyone who ever tried photography did not invest in fancy equipment and lenses of different kinds and exorbitant amounts of money for their first photograph ever. The most natural way to move forward with any hobby that requires equipment is to begin with what you already have, for example your own phone camera in this case, to start the process.

As you spend more time with your camera and discover your perfections and limitations, you will be able to understand the significance of knowing your equipment well, even if it's a phone camera.

You must explore all the features, advantages and whatever restraint your own device offers you while you explore all the automatic options as well as the manual mode with its flexibility to take photos. This can help you understand the basics that you will be using even with a DSLR camera and the raw mode recommended by professionals for a much more scope for editing.

Plan ahead in time

The thing about outdoor photography is that you may be looking forward to incorporating natural light in your photographs. For that matter, for any kind of photographs that you take in natural light, you may have to understand you cannot manufacture the same.

So, the golden rule of nature photography is to plan ahead as much as you can to use natural light without having to worry about other factors that hinder your photography sessions, such as night falls or weather changes.

Especially if you plan to explore your interests in observing wildlife in its natural settings, you must plan your photos with ample amount of time and allow yourself patience from as much distance as you can find for your safety without hampering the same of animals either.

Learn the rule of thirds

As you explore photography or take a photography class, you will understand that much of nature photography has to do with not only making the most use of light, but also the natural settings. Studying nature can help you get to many places, plan the best angles and play with the available light that will help you take the best of nature photographs.

You will also come across the rule of thirds, which allows you to take photos of nature and landscape. If you imagine two horizontal lines and vertical lines, In case you don't have an immediately obvious focal point for your photograph, you can use the grid from your camera and place the subject of interest along the lines where the horizontal lines meet the vertical ones. This can help you capture the most beautiful photos that are balanced and have pleasing aesthetics to look at.

Print your work

Even though there is not a set way to measure your success, sharing your work or your progress with your friends and family or people online can be an encouraging step towards getting better at your skill.

And for this matter, do not for any reason stop at social media or just Instagram to display your work. Make sure you explore some photo printing papers and different photo paper finishes such as metallic photo paper or pearl photo paper which are recommended for landscape photography, to print your work as well. You will not realize how different your photographs can appear on display or in physical form if you are only looking at them through different screens.

So do not worry about becoming a professional or a viral photographer in one day, but give your work the appreciation it deserves by printing a few.

At ThunderBolt Paper, we are highly appreciative of all the ways beautiful photo printing paper can help your photographs look exceptionally presentable, even away from the screens. Make sure you don't forget to allow yourself mistakes and a learning curve before you feel good about your work. We would love to hear about your experience in the comments, have you tried nature photography?