Switch To Sustainable Packaging In 2023

When it comes to sustainability, it really needs to be applied to every possible aspect. Especially when it comes to the amount of trash that we add every day to the landfills, we need to reevaluate everyday decisions and habits to include sustainable choices.

It is critically important right now to stop destroying or harming the environment simply because we exist on this planet. Because as we harm the environment for our benefits, it tends to harm us in turn as well. Just as climate change is the reality of environmental exploitation, it's time that we shift to more sustainable, environmentally friendly options at every step possible. There are many ways to shift our conventional way of life to a more sustainable and eco-friendly one.

One such sustainable option is also desperately  needed for the endless amount of packaging used all around us every day. Possibly one of the biggest culprits of increasing overall trash is the endless form of packaging boxes collecting all around us, especially with online shopping making  everything available online, there is no getting away from packaging. Here is what you need to know about how we need sustainable packaging.

Reducing the amount of trash

Yes, reducing the amount of things we use can solve the large problem of an ever-increasing amount of trash and can solve the problem of increasing landfills, too. A little percentage of the trash that we produce is recycled, rest and up in contaminating oceans and land.

So one of the things that you can do on your end is making sure you reduce the amount of activities that include a lot of packaging. A simple solution to that can be to walk out of the door, carry your own reusable bag and shop or buy things like a normal person in older times from a shop around the corner.

For that matter, make sure you are mindful of the things you buy. If you are not using the things that you are buying, then they usually end up being in trash  for hundreds of years. So making sure that you buy what you need and use it properly without holding, and less materialistic things can help all of us in the ultimate goal of sustainability.

A substitute to plastic

If you are someone who needs to use packaging for your business or services, then you will know how much plastic is part of packaging. By finding an appropriate substitution to the plastic usage in packaging materials we can also ensure that the plastic does not end up in the landfill or the oceans endlessly.

Using recycled paper which is strong and tear resistant such as Kraft paper for packaging can be an excellent idea for replacing plastic. You can ensure that Kraft paper does also become moisture or leakproof by using eco-friendly biodegradable coating that is effective as well as efficient for wider application.

Most of the recycled cardboard or Kraft paper or biodegradable varieties of paper that are suitable for packaging can replace the plastic and let the paper decompose at the compost or landfills without leaving anything for hundreds of years.

Replace styrofoam to fill the space

While transporting anything fragile from one place to another, extra packaging material is used in the form of styrofoam pellets shaped like peanuts or molded to fit the object.

Styrofoam is nothing but another form of plastic that is lightweight and helps protect fragile things from getting damaged in transportation. It is neither biodegradable or recyclable and can be massively difficult to contain. That is the reason why New York City recently decided to ban styrofoam packaging and containers.

Biodegradable peanuts can replace the styrofoam packaging materials without causing damaging impact on the environment. Another option for finding protective packaging material that is biodegradable and recyclable in nature is honeycomb Kraft paper. Not only can you shape the honeycomb cut Kraft paper to suit any object, it is perfect for safeguarding the object from any damage.

In conclusion, when you really set your mind to it, you can find solutions to almost any problem, including sustainable packaging. You can also do your bit in shopping or buying from brands or sources that use sustainable packaging to support the cause. We would love to hear your experience with sustainability and sustainable packing in the comments below. Have you tried sustainable packaging?