The Best Paper For Craft In 2021- Chipboard

If you are one of the cool and the lucky kids who grew up watching art attack, a popular arts and crafts show on TV, you are sure to have been shocked to see how a carton of a cereal box of your toothpaste can become just about everything by using a little bit of glue and scissors.


It was amazing to see all the things, from dragons to castles that seemed to come to life with the help of these cardboard boxes that are not only easy to find but so much fun to make crafts with. So what is this mystery craft paper used by all crafters but no one talks about?


The Simple Wonders Of The Chipboard

From making thick stickers to tags and sturdy DIY journal covers, the cardstock was just not enough. This was possible with one simple variety of paper called a Chipboard. 

Even though they may appear to be used interchangeably but because of the basic difference of the material they are made of, chipboard is sturdier than cardstock. 


What is a Chipboard exactly? 

It is similar to cardboard paper but without the corrugated layers used for packaging and endless kinds of crafts such as scrapbooking, stamps, card making, and shape cutting projects. 

A pressed paper sheet or chipboard is made by putting together layers of recycled paper held together with glue. Using a high amount of pressure the smooth recycled brown paper is layered under pressure. 

The most common examples of chipboard are packaging small to medium-sized boxes or removable tags attached to clothes or shoes etc., usually having branding or important information.


Find The Right Kind For Your Next Craft Project 

With the increasing thickness of the chipboard, you can find an excellent quality as well as a variety of chipboard sheets at Thunderbolt paper. 

It is usually made of 100% recycled paper materials available in multiple colors, dimensions, and size variations. They can either be plain or covered depending on whether they can be colored and covered or pre-decorated. 

  • 20 pt. Thickness
  • This variety of chipboard is ideal for making gift tags or inserting backing, making boxes, or cut into any shape for the craft.


  • 50 pt. Thickness
  • With slightly more strength, this kind of chipboard is perfect for making paperbacks or journal covers and stickers with adhesive. They are good at bringing structure to scrapbooks or making mini album inserts and travelers help books. 


  • 85- 90 pt. thickness
  • With its thickness comparable to 2 dimes, this variety of chipboard is perfect for making pages or durable archival mini albums for photos, scrapbooks, or even as a backdrop for frames. 


    Make Sure To Find The Correct Tools

    Although you can find an abundance of shapes or letters already cut off of the chipboard ready for you to use, you may require specialized tools for cutting custom shapes. 

    Since the chipboard is thicker than usual paper the strongest or sharpest of the scissors can only help in trimming the edges or scrapes off. 

    You may require trimmers for that professional clean cut of the chipboard. 

    Roll dice cutters or rotary cutters are also easily available and useful for safely cutting desired shapes from chipboard without jagged edges. 

    You may also invest in binding tools if you especially enjoy making books or journal or mini-album covers. 


    Crafts That Last Longer 

    When you take up exciting new crafting projects aim at not settling for anything but the best. After all, if you are putting so much effort into creating something you would want to create perfection but also that it lasts a long time. 

    Chipboard cuts neatly and brings out a professional finish to any project that you incorporate with it which is why it is loved by so many crafters. It can be cut, bent, or colored to make into almost anything. 

    That is where the chipboard shines through with its extremely versatile properties and malleable nature to make its way to your multiple craft projects.


    To summarize, Chipboard is favorite among crafters

    Not only can you materialize all of your brilliant ideas using craft techniques but you can see them last through time because of the ability of the chipboard to tolerate wear and tear. 

    At Thunderbolt papers, we proudly offer chipboards that are not only affordable but available in multiple varieties and affordable prices just for you and your exciting craft projects.

    Are you ready to start your new project?