Tips For The Best Scrapbook On Valentine's Day

Just like any other holiday, Valentine's Day is a holiday for everyone. Yes, we know what we said, Valentine's Day isn't just for those overly romantic lovers, married couples or confessing to crushes. Rather, it is a holiday or yearly event meant to be with anyone that you love or feel loved with. 

And since celebrating Valentine's Day does not require any special arrangement or traditions per se, you can actually plan and execute a perfect Valentine's Day celebration with a simple meal and handmade greeting card. Of course, it completely depends on you and your ideas around how to make your loved ones feel special, just as any other day of the year. 

But if you are still looking for an idea for this year's Valentine's Day, we highly recommend making a scrapbook. At ThunderBolt paper, we are huge fans of scrapbooking as it allows making  something amazing even for the ones with zero experience of paper craft.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin with your Valentine's Day scrapbook this year

Pick a lay-out

One of the foremost things that you will require to do before making a scrapbook is to know how you plan to make and display everything. You already know that you can use photographs tokens and different memorabilia for scrapbooks, but you will need to have a plan beforehand so that as you make the scrapbook with different parts, everything comes together. 

The lay-out really can be anything that you like that accommodates a theme for your photos. All you need is a rough idea of what goes where and how, after you've collected everything that you want to work with.

Decide  on a theme

Even if you decide to make a scrapbook for anyone, you must pick on a theme that your recipient can enjoy or even relate with. For example, if they enjoy spending time out being one with nature, you can collect a set of photos that are all outdoors doing exploration or just soaking in the sun. 

You can pick about any theme to choose the photos and memorabilia and then paste them according to the plan. You can even include any pop culture  references or private jokes into your scrapbook to make it a particularly unique theme that helps you decide on the colors or patterns  that you will be working with in contrast to the photos to be displayed.

Sift through photos

Thanks to the nifty little devices with excellent cameras in our hands at our disposal at all times allows us to have hundreds of photos of anything and everything that we like  every day. This means when it comes to making a scrapbook you might have to go through hundreds of photographs and pick the ones that you like particularly suitable to the theme you have decided. 

You can experiment with different photo paper finishes and try something like metallic paper finish for the photos that you plan to use. Make sure you make scanned copies of the photos for the scrapbook to leave room for mistakes without wasting too much on photo paper. 

Assemble slowly

Even after having a plan and a theme sorted for your scrapbook, take your time to assemble different elements together. Especially since we are keeping Valentine's Day  in mind, you can include a lot of red and pink for your scrapbook paper too and slowly incorporate that with your theme. 

You can use almost anything you like that can be used in a scrapbook for decoration. From lots of stickers embellishments and lace like borders made from embossed parchment paper, you can do and less number of things as you go along the process. 

Include anecdotes

The thing that really customizes a scrapbook for your special someone on the special occasion of Valentine's Day is the anecdotes notes and messages that you choose to you include with your photos and memorabilia. Each photograph can have a story that connects it to another small ticket, which leads to another memory that can be e made permanent with the scrapbook.

A general rule of thumb for sharing anecdotes or writing messages is to keep things light and simple. Including private jokes is an excellent idea for scrapbooks. 

Even if it may sound like a lot of work, scrapbooking is a fun experience for everyone to try, including friends or even family. In fact, any kind of paper craft is an enjoyable activity for the one who makes it as well as the one who receives a hand made gift such as a scrapbook for Valentine's Day. Have you ever made a handmade gift for Valentine's Day?