How To Decorate For Valentines Day

Love is in the air! Even though it is always in the air, it is especially floating around everywhere this time of the year. From online stores to shops at the mall, everyone wants to be part of the season of love and cash in the Valentine's Day cheer.  

If you also enjoy celebrating or simply participating in the Valentine day celebrations with all without your special someone, you are definitely not alone. Valentine's Day is, in fact, one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world where the largest number of greeting cards are exchanged after Christmas. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we are always excited to commemorate each and every holiday or event that can be celebrated using paper, even in the most basic ways. But Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to pour our hearts out over greeting cards or decorations, only to profess and declare the never dying love. 

if you are looking forward to decorating your own home for your better half, or your own store for the Valentine's Day sale, here are a few things that we know works.

Include pink and red

Nothing is more synonymous with Valentine's Day than some occasional pops of red in different forms, especially hearts.  When decorating for Valentine's Day, make sure you add red colored decorations and some hearts as you may like. You can also include pink and, without limiting yourself, use similar colors to create decorations for Valentine's Day. 

Make sure to notice how the colors look in comparison to everything else in the background. Contrasting colors may not all look good together, and that's why it's safer to use colors from a similar color spectrum.  

Try different materials 

Even though we are particularly fond of using paper products for decorating any project event or space, you can try other materials for decoration as well. 

While you make loads of paper hearts for flowers that mail last a long time during the valentine week, you can also include fabrics or even glass ornaments to extend your decorative schemes. 

Make paper ornaments 

If you decided to decorate a room or maybe your own restaurant or office for Valentine's Day, and you wanted to try something simple, then make sure you grab some thin colored paper and make some paper garlands. 

You can also make small figures like flowers, hearts, cupid's or anything cut out from cover paper you like by  stringing them into a decorative garland. 

You can also make decorative strings of flags or banners made of anything from fabric or paper flags that embodies the theme of Valentine's Day. 

Make handmade greeting cards

Probably the best part of Valentine's Day has always been getting greeting cards. Even though greeting cards may not be exactly part of decoration around Valentine's Day, greeting cards are a quintessential part of holidays and especially wishing your loved ones. 

You can use small greeting cards made out of any thick paper material that you like, such as chipboard cover paper or any cardstock. You can replicate designs easily using stamping, stenciling or stickers and use them for giving to people or as decoration. Make sure to include a nice and heartfelt message or note before giving it to anyone.

Keep a chocolate treat bowl

Especially because it is Valentine's Day and you cannot forget about chocolates, make sure that you include small boxes or bows full of chocolate treats.

 You can also make a bunch of chocolate boxes to give away as gifts along with valentine cards out of chipboard, cardboard or Kraft paper that can be easily found at home too. Make sure to upcycle or recycle what you can by finding whatever paper scraps you have with you. 

Include family

Valentine's Day doesn't always mean that it has to include only your romantic partners. You can include your family into the whole celebratory cheer of Valentine's Day and also exchange greeting cards. 

It can also be a great opportunity to include kids in the decorations while introducing a conversation around Valentine's Day, and it is significant to allow kids to understand the day as well. 

It is always a good idea to take suggestions and include as many e elements of decoration you can add according to the area or space you are decorating.  Especially if you are decorating for a date at home, you can try out some personal elements such as photographs or some real flowers too. Have you ever decorated for Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments.