Try Mulberry Paper For Craft In 2023

Once you begin your journey of paper craft, you tend to notice different varieties of paper. For different projects, you may want to explore different kinds of paper, but sometimes you may come across a new kind of paper and look for new paper projects that you can do with that kind of paper.

Mulberry paper is one such paper that inspires paper crafts or simply paper enthusiasts to try new sayings that can use its unique properties and characteristics in the best possible way. If you don't know what mulberry paper is, you're not alone. It is a textured and made paper that is a little lesser known than other famous kinds of papers for paper craft.

So if you find yourself getting interested in the endlessly unique qualities and properties of mulberry paper, read on. Get yourself acquainted with the most important of mulberry paper features that you may be able to utilize as per your convenience or specific needs as follows.

It is acid free paper

Mulberry paper is a handmade paper that is made from actual bark of mulberry trees. Because of the manufacturing process of mulberry paper it has a neutral pH level making it acid free.

This means if you are looking for a beautiful luxurious paper that is strong at the same time, for paper projects that you need to last for a long time you can consider mulberry paper just like parchment paper or vellum paper that are acid free in nature and do not decompose or turn yellow overtime.

Longevity matters in terms of many paper projects such as books, certificates or artwork that can be displayed or stored for a long time. Even though a lot of paper made from mulberry tree bark is pH neutral, you must check for the acidity or acid free qualities before buying any paper.

It has a unique tearing property

One of the things that you first notice about mulberry paper is that it is a handmade paper and does not have a uniform appearance of riches and texture as a mechanically made paper would.

Hand because of the fibrous uneven appearance of the mulberry paper, you also get an uneven edge when you try to tear off a piece of mulberry paper.

There is no doubt in using a sharp blade or scissors to cut down the paper and achieve sharp exact edges as you may like, but mulberry paper is usually torn off to have a feathered or ragged appearance, giving your art or craft projects a deckle edge.

It has a fibrous appearance

Mulberry paper may be one of the most eco-friendly papers because of the fact that mulberry paper is made from live trees without having to cut the trees off. And since the paper is made from the bark of a mulberry tree, it has a highly fibers appearance and texture, making it a strong as well as uniquely beautiful paper.

You can add mulberry paper to any of your projects that require you to layer different kinds of paper without having to add a lot of weight, such as reading cards or scrapbook or layered paper artwork.

The mulberry people are also infused with live flowers and leaves or twins to enhance the natural wispy, handmade fibrous paper appearance.

It is available in different thicknesses

You may use different kinds of paper in different paper crafts as per your need. Just as well and paper old parchment paper or even cardstock you can find mulberry paper in different paper weights and thicknesses to suit all your stamping scrapbooking paper layering projects.

When available in thicker qualities' mulberry paper is a strong and beautiful paper along with its ragged edge property, mulberry paper becomes a unique paper for your art projects.

You can use the thicker paper for making covers or handmade greeting cards drawing or painting with correct art supplies, the possibilities are endless.

At ThunderBolt paper, we are great fans of all things eco-friendly and love to educate her readers and customers about the different varieties of paper that are available out there. Make sure you try eco-friendly papers that are made from materials other than wood, and let us know your experience in the comment section.