6 Ways To Make A Valentine's Day Card

As soon as the first week of February arrives, one of the most awaited occasions in a year that  is spent with your friends, family and especially your loved ones is also around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Valentine's Day falling on the same day each year, giving us a chance to celebrate love, togetherness and happiness with the most special people in our lives. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we absolutely love all the locations that allow us to help you find your paper craft enthusiasm and make something to participate in the celebrations. But Valentine's Day holds a special place because of the warm and fuzzy feelings it inspires in people of all kinds and ages. 

So, if you are also part of the eternal believers in the power of love to bring about profound happiness, you must already be thinking of all the things you would want to do on valentine's day for your special someone. And if you wish to utilize the special occasion of valentine's day to profess your appreciation and admiration for someone with a  box of chocolates, flowers and a handmade greeting card, we do have some pointers.

Here are a few kinds of valentine cards you can try this year.

Layered hearts

The thing about greeting cards is that you can do literally an endless number of things greeting cards which includes using multiple layers of different kinds of colors of paper to create a layered effect. 

Beautiful papers such as parchment paper, vellum paper, linen paper, colored scrapbook paper or colored cardstock, any paper that you have lying around the house can be used to layer different shapes or in this case put a bunch of hearts on your greeting card. 

Valentine accordion 

Now we are not referring to making an instrument accordion but a valentine greeting card that folds like it. All you need is cardstock which is folded in several folds to look like an accordion.

 You can then go on to decorate each side of the folded card with photographs, stickers, quotations , anything you like. Simply fold the greeting card in a normal greeting card shape that opens like an accordion. You can also try a beautiful partially translucent parchment paper envelope to add to the charm of this greeting card. 

Pop up 

All of us have loved receiving a pop up card at some point of our lives. And when it comes to making a greeting card yourself you can also try a popup card without going through too much trouble by simply following instructions from any of the innumerable tutorials from the internet according to the level of complexity you are ready to handle. 

So what are you waiting to grab your scissors blue and colorful papers to make some pop up greeting cards for valentine's day to make someone important to you feel even more special. 

Use photos 

You can write a scrapbook for any occasion or reason around the year. In fact, scrapbooks are so fun to make and receive that you may end up making at least a few for yourself or your loved ones, especially on occasions like valentine's day. 

Begin by choosing all your favorite photos or multiple photos of an important part of both of your life, organize them into making a layout along a theme with different scrapbook papers. 

Try poetry may be

One way to include poetry in your valentine de greeting cards is maybe trying to write some on your own for your better half. You can try to make simple rhymes on your own or you can perhaps quote any classic love poem in the card. 

You can also try to write some beautiful poetry on a parchment paper that has a vintage look and frame it as a valentine's day gift that they will remember forever. 

Quilling hearts 

If you enjoy quilling then it shouldn't be so difficult for you to get some coloured paper, roll it up, make little hearts so that you can decorate your greeting cards for valentine's day. 

Quilling is a delicate form of paper craft that is unbelievably easy to learn and can add charm to any paper craft including greeting cards.

At the end of the day, it hardly matters what you decide to do with the greeting cards, as long as you are able to express your sentiments in the way that suits you. Especially since it's valentine's day, and it is one of the biggest events for giving greeting cards after christmas, effort is all that matters. Also, please tell us in the comments, have you tried making a handmade valentines day card?