Water Coloring For Beginners

When was the last time you left the endless scrolling and focused elsewhere? This is a pertinent question to the present times and conditions where all of us are almost constantly surrounded by screens of different kinds, due to work or learning, some of us more than others.

But what about hobbies? What about spending some time away from the phone or constant connectivity or even doomscrolling can sometimes be very harmful to not just our eyes but also our general well being. During the pandemic, a lot of people picked up their long lost hobbies and pastimes in order to relax and do something or anything else than being on a screen.

Some people who were interested in practicing calligraphy or photography or even pottery were able to find an alternative career or a simple side hustle of the same activities. So, If you are looking at something like watercoloring for some time now as a hobby or a potential creative work opportunity, here are a few things to help you begin your watercolor painting journey with this article.

Trial and error

Just as is the case with any kind of new scale or activity that you might be beginning to learn or be interested in learning you will have to just begin somewhere.

Grab the most basic supplies that you can find or may already have in order to start drawing and coloring using watercolors. You will obviously need to see how the trial and error goes to really experience the process of creating something beautiful.

Keep some patience and you'll be able to understand how relaxing any art or crafting activity such as watercoloring is. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and produce work that does not look presentable in the beginning because you will learn only through your mistakes.

Creativity is practice

As you begin your journey with any skill or art form it takes a lot of time to reach a certain kind of perfection but in reality other times it is an uphill journey that keeps getting better.

But as you begin to take some inspiration from the internet do not make the mistake of pressuring yourself into judging your work to be as good as those artists putting their work online. Don't let the internet make you feel that you don't have any talent or can create better art because no one puts their mistakes over the internet.

Remember whether it's watercolor painting, paper craft or a piece of music only the people who have been consistent with their practice have been able to produce work that is otherwise known to be creative.

Thick paper works better

One of the most common problems with beginners of watercolor painting that arises is inability to work with regular paper. As the name suggests, watercolor painting requires a lot of water for mixing and showing pigment or even progressing from light to dark colour.

Only thick paper between 200-300 gsm has the properties and qualities to stand on its own weight even after the heavy usage of water. Watercolor paper is in fact one of the thickest and most absorbent paper that you can find for artwork.

You may not even be able to work with all the different techniques watercolor painting entails if you aren't able to find a thick absorbent paper to work with.

Paper finish

If you plan to begin working with watercolors you may also have to come across paper finish to choose from. For the granular appearance of watercolor artwork the paper that is most suited for this kind of art is the most textured rough paper.

But once you progress two more final details, watercolor artwork smooth hot pressed paper works brilliantly to give a completely smooth flat surface. Paper finish is something that can help you understand how you progress from beginner level to expert while executing my newly detailed artwork with watercolor.

At the end of the day what really works best for any kind of artwork craft or any creative hobby is some patient undivided attention. The more you are able to focus the better you will be able to perform in your creative past while feeling a lot more relaxed and happier. Have you ever tried watercolor painting?