What To Do With Shredded Paper, We Can't Recycle?

Every day, we take a step forward in the future and become increasingly dependent on technology. A lot of things have changed over the time, but as we step into the future that requires us to save the environment for us and our future generations, we need to change the way we use paper.

At ThunderBolt paper, we do our part in the conservation of the environment by being mindful of how our products are sourced and by using only plants based on toxic ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. We are always going to have paper around us in one way or another, so we need to learn better ways to deal with it too, ways that are better for the environment.

In the same pursuit of imparting education about paper products as well as how to use paper more responsibly, or even as some of us practice shredding paper to protect their identity, can still recycle the paper nonetheless.

Here is what you need to know about shredding paper and what to do about it

Reduce the need to shred paper

If you are among the people who regularly shred paper, what is the reason that you do so? A lot of official work and documents are still mailed to us on paper, and many people choose to shred the papers that contain their personal information.

Since the reduction in paper waste is still a crucial point in the process of conservation, the need to shred paper can be dealt with by changing as many official communications as possible into electronic mails. This way, no piece of paper with your personal information will show up on paper or in the trash or shredder.

You may also simply tear off or shred the smaller section with your information and put the rest of the paper in the usual recycling process.

Shredded paper is tricky to Recycle

There is hardly any chance you haven't seen shredded paper and if you have, you would know it is rather difficult to contain it. That is the first step to handling shredded paper for recycling, it has to be properly contained.

Because of their small size, shredded paper can also be tricky to recycle through other materials as they tend to pass through the iron mesh screen which is supposed to collect the washed paper pulp that is supposed to keep it together for drying.

You should also be careful about sorting the different kinds of paper before giving them out for recycling. The problem is all kinds of paper cannot be recycled in the same manner, which means a separation is required for colored white or printed papers. If you do not do it before studying then they said recycling people will have to do it which can be a painstakingly laborious process for anyone.

You can repurpose Shredded paper

So even after reducing your paper usage, taking all the required precautions and sorting your recycling, if you are still left with some shredded paper then how about you try some of the following ways to repurpose your shredded paper.

Use it for composting bed

Because of the easily biodegradable nature of many kinds of paper you can use shredded paper bits for creating mulch or use in composting for plants.

Fill your gift boxes

Shredded paper can actually replace the annoying peanut packaging for about anything that you need protecting while shipping or storing fragile items. You can fill your gift boxes with colored shredded paper too.

Make paper clay/ paper mache at home

If you are a fan of DIY at home then make a simple paper clay using your shredded paper that can be shaped into any shape you like to form molds such as the ones used to hold eggs. All kids are fans of creating things with paper machines, and shredded paper waste can also be used for the same.

Use for confetti

Shredded paper already has a small size, and you may easily use it whenever you need confetti. Rather than buying more confetti or making from craft paper you can simply repurpose your shredded paper, but, just like regular confetti,  it'll be just as difficult to clean up later though.

Make sure you always go step by step in deciding what you wish to do with your shredding paper , or you need to do it at all to always keep the ultimate goal of reducing our usage and trash to the minimum. Have you ever used shredded paper for anything? Let us know in the comments.