5 Diy Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

When the holiday season arrives with the change in weather and a warm cheer in the air, it is time to get started on celebrations that last till the new year. In fact a lot of people get together for the long weekend meant for Thanksgiving and participate in decorating their house ready for Christmas early. 

With all of us having spent almost 2 years in isolation and practicing social distancing, the holiday season can be particularly difficult if you can't spend it with friends and family rejoicing in life. That is an excellent reason to bring out all your creative ideas and ready your oven for the Thanksgiving dinner and celebration. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we are always excited for the holiday season because there is just so much to do and enjoy while doing fun things with paper. That is what makes us do our part in the holiday season - bringing you the best ideas for making beautiful things with paper craft as follows. 

Let us first start with a brief exploration of Thanksgiving tradition's origin and transformation so far. 

The tradition of Thanksgiving 

One of the busiest holidays of the year, thanksgiving has been around for a long time. It is a holiday that was originally meant to celebrate the year's harvest, be thankful for blessings and good fortune. Here is what we know about Thanksgiving: 

It wasn't always a annual holiday  

What started as a celebratory dinner after an exceptionally good harvest in the year 1621 by the pilgrims of Plymouth, now Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. 

It wasn't until 1800 when Sarah josepha Hale, a magazine editor, urged not one but five American presidents to declare Thanksgiving as a national holiday, and Abraham Lincoln obliged. 

There are set customs 

Since Thanksgiving is a festival that brings the whole family together there are several customs that are associated with it. 

Most families come together from far and wide to be thankful for a good year and life's fortunes. 

Even the economy benefits from the gift giving and massive sale season and not just black friday sales right after Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving means food 

We recognise Thanksgiving with the turkey for dinner. One of the reasons that this Bird dominates the dinner table during the holiday is because it can actually feed the whole family. 

We give our thanks for life's abundance, which is also accompanied with pumpkin pies and cranberries. 

And for the many decorations associated with the holiday season, read on. 

 The decorations for Thanksgiving

Of course if you are having your family and friends over for dinner and you want to make the best of impressions and make everything look as good as possible. And decorations are a huge part of the holiday season anyway. 

Here are some ideas that you can try for beautiful paper craft decorations on Thanksgiving or perhaps get ready for Christmas already! 

Fancy placards 

If there are going to be more than a few people at the gathering, then use any fancy paper from linen to vellum paper cardstock for writing placement cards for your guests at the dinner table. You may also display some calligraphy skills you have been practicing on. 

Handwritten menu cards

If you plan to have family along with friends bringing in potluck to the table then try making a menu card made of cardstock or simply chipboard sheets for all the guests as a tiny but thoughtful detail everyone will appreciate. 

Festive banners 

You will not even need a lot of materials to accomplish this one. Simply grab any colored paper you may have and stick small triangle banners with adhesive to the string. Or maybe letters made of colored cardstock saying "Happy Thanksgiving" or  "Happy Holidays".


Posters are a great method to display information for use for decorative purposes. Simply grab poster paper of any colour of your choice in sizes 8.5x11 inches and make decorative posters for Thanksgiving or just try some happy and funny quotes. 

Give thanks Wall art 

Since it's Thanksgiving it makes sense to make decorative posters or wall art with the words "give thanks" commemorating the spirit of holiday. 

Kraft paper mats

You can use makeshift Kraft paper sheets for table mats, especially if there are kids at the table as well. Kraft paper can serve for coloring while they wait for food and then perhaps use it as usual table mats. 

Left-over handbags

You must expect a lot of food to be left over after the feast even after everyone has stuffed themselves to the fullest. It's only practical to find some nice Kraft paper bags or make some of your own using any paper you like to send leftover food with the guests.

The pumpkins and turkeys

Simply fold some thick colored paper into making pumpkins or cut different sheets in the shape of hands to make some beautiful decorative turkeys. This can also serve as a fun activity for adults and kids to participate equally for exceptional creative paper art. 

Don't forget to take your time to share what you are thankful for at any time of the day or around the dinner table. Being grateful for our fortunes can go a long way for all of us to appreciate life and be happy. We would love to hear from you about your thanksgiving celebration or your experience with our products in the comments.