Greetings Card For The Holiday Season In 2021

What is the one thing that you are reminded of when you talk about the holiday season? Most people remember and associate the holiday season with loads of food, brightly lit stores and streets along with quality fun time with family and friends.

Across the US and many other countries holiday season begins with Thanksgiving day and continues up to New year. Different cultures across the world celebrate the new year for Christmas in their ways and are usually accompanied with celebrations that include decorated homes, offices and market places. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we are all hyped up along with you for the endless decorations we can participate in during the holiday season, and here is how you can make the most of the holiday season this year. But first, let's get to know what the holiday season means.

What is the holiday season? 

Even if all of us are already very familiar with the holiday season, the following three things are important to know. 

A holiday season is observed in many countries

The Hindu festival of lights known as Diwali  is celebrated in late October or November by lighting earthen lamps and fireworks. On the other side, Kwanzaa festival is observed in late december that belongs to African communities and culture are also celebrated alongside this holiday season. The popular Jewish festival, Hanukkah is also celebrated  with traditional food and 8 nights of celebration. 

 Everything starts with thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday of November each year Thanksgiving is celebrated in the middle of family, friends and tonnes of food, mostly turkey. 

The long weekend brings about a good reason to come together and celebrate good time and be thankful. This begins a festive cheer that includes Christmas and ends with the new year. 

It's also the peak season for retail or shopping

Because of the reason that holiday season is the most widely accepted time of holiday, celebration and family time, it is also a time for loads of shopping. In fact, black friday after Thanksgiving and boxer day after Christmas are days for heavy discounts and sharp increase in overall sales. 

Things you can do during the holiday season 

Even though you already might have several plans for the holiday season and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, here are a few handy tips that can help you make the most of it. 

Plan ahead of time 

Don't sit around and wait until the last minute to decide on whether or not you wish to host a party or decide to join your parents or family at a get together.

Because you will need to prepare for a party if you are a host and you might need to bring in some potluck or gifts if you are invited to a party both cannot be done last minute. 

Seek help if you're hosting 

Now especially if you are hosting a potluck dinner or a thanksgiving dinner Christmas party you will be able to handle the pressure of hosting if you could organise some help for yourself. 

Include family members in food preparation or decorations as you may like. 

Try making an activity out of decorations

Adults and children both can enjoy making simple crafts out of different kinds of colourful paper which can be a fun activity while decorating the house as needed. 

Use coloured paper to make banners and let people make their own place cards by writing on vellum paper cards with specialised pens meant for vellum paper.

You can also try making some posters for the occasion of season holidays. 

Take note of the duration 

Even if there may be a lot of things to do around the holidays make sure that you give yourself some time to enjoy everything as well. 

You wouldn't want to burn yourself out by working too hard preparing dinners for decorating places. Holidays are supposed to help you wind down and relax with friends and family with some good food, rry to enjoy that. 

Don't go overboard with spending 

Black Friday sale and the Boxing Day sale are two of the biggest sales in the whole year and it's very tempting to spend more than you intended to. That is the whole idea of unexpected sales. 

Whether it is some copy paper that you require for your office supplies for a box of chocolates that is available at a much lower rate just remember to be mindful of your spending.

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