Best Ideas To Celebrate Graduation In 2021

Have you ever participated or have been honored by a graduation ceremony? If you have, then you will know for sure how important it is for the students to be celebrated for their achievements. 

This is also the reason why many schools encourage graduation ceremonies for preschool, kindergarten, middle school or high school students. In fact, such ceremonies provide the students with the necessary recognition and encouragement for their future endeavors, parents and schools often come together to facilitate the process. 

But due to a long pandemic period and restrictions, students missed their graduations in not only school but college. How about a private celebration? At home with friends and family. 

Why not try some of the following ideas to have a private graduation ceremony?

You need a plan

That goes without saying that you will require to have a plan of how you want things to go. Whether you are organizing a party for your child sibling or a friend, make sure that you follow the following pointers.

What are you planning to do?

This means keeping in mind how you want to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of the person who is graduating. 

You can consider the things that schools and colleges do, and try to replicate the graduation Cape and hat ceremony. 

When will you do it?

Make sure you check with the concerned person as well as the guests for the date you have in mind for the event. Confirm their attendance and availability as per their convenience. 

Will there be any activity?

You can take things up a notch by including some interactive fun games that keep everyone entertained.

Especially if there are going to be some kids for this graduation celebration, then having a fun game or show can be a sign of a successful party. 

You need a list of guests you can invite 

It is an important occasion, especially for the person who is graduating, so you can plan guests. 

Consider zoom participation

Especially for anyone who can't make it, a zoom presence can also be a great way to be part of the celebration.

Close friends and family

All the members of the immediate family and closest friends must be asked and put on the list of the guest at first, along with their availability. You can try contacting teachers or anyone else who would like to join. 

Try making some decorations 

At ThunderBolt paper, we truly believe that colorful papers or even scrap paper at home can make for some easy decoration tools. These are inexpensive and convenient mediums for much-needed decoration of a celebration. 

Try Simple paper flag decoration

If you cannot, for any reason, do with any fancy decoration, then grab some colored paper and make decorative triangular flags on a string.

Or try perforated parchment paper to make some lace designed to cover fairy lights or stand alone decorative flags. 

Celebratory posters are crucial 

As a part of decoration, you will definitely need to make some posters. Make sure you get some 8.5 x 11.0 inch poster paper to include in the celebration. A personalized handmade poster can be priceless motivation for your little or grown up scholars. 

Try inspirational quotes 

These can be funny, heartwarming, inspiring or something original by friends or family. These can always be part of the decoration scheme or a memento. \

Note down important dates

The date of graduation and the class can be mentioned on a poster along with a photograph of the student for an excellent commemoratory item.


Make photo collage

A beautiful linen paper poster of the size 8.5 x 11.0 inch can be an unmatched background for a photo collage of all the significant moments in the last year(s). This can also serve as a wall hanging present for the graduating pupil.

Don't forget snacks

Food just makes every gathering or situation better. Especially if the kids are involved, you would need to have a few things ready as snacks. Make sure you plan ahead for having plenty of food for everyone to enjoy the celebration on a full stomach.

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