7 Things To Try With Paper For Christmas Decorations

All the buzz and holiday cheer around this time of the year eventually leads up to  Christmas and ends with the new year. Only if you are a hermit or you live under a rock can you miss the brightly lit streets and homes all for Christmas.  

Especially after the long battle against the pandemic and having stayed at home for a good part of this year, we all deserve a little celebration and cheer. And what could be a better time than Christmas to make up for all the family for fun times that you definitely deserve. 

At ThunderBolt paper, we have been keeping up with all the excitement and trends and would love to play our part in helping you make the most of Christmas. We believe paper is an extremely versatile material that can be part of many different aspects of your life including celebrations. And as all things paper, we love to help you decide on different ways you can use paper in your home, office or shop. 

Here are a few ways to make the best use of paper in Christmas decorations this year: 

Gift wrap


Yes we know that you are going to buy at least a few presents for your immediate family and to put under the Christmas tree. 

To keep a certain sense of surprise still intact you may need to wrap the presents and keep them below the Christmas tree as per the traditions. 

Not only can you use endless options of coloured printed aur patterned paper you can also try plain brown Kraft paper to wrap your presence and use ribbon or stickers for the festive touch. 

Gift boxes

You will be surprised to know how many times you can simply use a chipboard to make gift boxes of any size even to fit products of uneven shapes. .

As you already may have seen, a chipboard is an excellent quality of paper that is often used all around us for making carton boxes and you can use chipboard sheets to make some boxes yourself. 

Paper wreath 

You simply grab green coloured cardstock and cut it up following simple instructions given in many elaborate  tutorials all over the internet or YouTube to make one or as many reads that you need for decorating the doors or indoors. 

It's not necessary but you can make paper wreaths in place of using a collection of twigs, flowers and leaves to do the same  that will definitely last longer while looking just as beautiful. 

String of flags

From a string of snowman flowers, little animals or snowflakes you can actually cut out many different shapes that are attached to each other in the form of strings and hang it over the walls or doors.

The only things that you might need are different lengths of paper folded into a desired shape with a sharp pair of scissors and you are good to go. 

You can even add some polaroid photos in a few places to make a beautiful display of your best memories. 


This might be another very simple and exciting way of decorating your indoors with colorful crunched balls of paper that are held together with a piece of string. 

You can make it into a fun craft activity by including your kids or even adults into choosing the color schemes of their choice to make garlands for decoration on not just Christmas but any celebratory event. 

Paper chains 

For sure all of us must have made these paper chains at some point in their school for craft activities. 

You only need to staple different coloured strips of paper together to form a long chain. 

Thin crepe papers for shiny color papers are best suited to make these paper chains but as always you can use any piece of paper that you may have at your disposal. 

 Greeting cards 

Festive season might be the only time of the year when everybody is either receiving or giving out many greeting cards. 

You simply have to find some cardstock of different colors or even textures that you can fold into making greeting cards and right handwritten love notes or wishes personalized for each recipient. 

For a specially festive appearance you can always try and make small die cut stickers in the shape of snowflakes and add them to everything from gift wraps to greeting cards in order to set in a theme of sorts. Latest know about your experience with all these ideas and are products in the comments or any of our social media handles that you can find us on. Happy crafting from all of us at ThunderBolt paper.